🇬🇧You must do these things as early as possible when studying abroad

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

In addition to learning knowledge, studying in the UK is also about seeing the world. Standing on the shoulders of your parents and experiencing the wonders of the world. There are several things we must go to and do as early as possible. Experience everything that needs to be experienced so that you will have no regrets in your life.

1⃣️Find a part-time job

I have to say that the hourly wage of 🇬🇧 is really high 12 💷 per hour. The maximum working time for T4 students is 25h a week. Part-time job is a good opportunity to achieve some financial freedom and practice speaking skills. I went to a milk tea shop when I was an undergraduate. Shake Milk Tea earned 500 💷 in a month and bought her first luxury bag. I have to say that it feels really good to earn money to buy things you like!

For part-time jobs, you can go directly to the store and walk in with your CV, or go to the official website of your favorite company and submit it . There will also be many part-time vacancies on job search websites such as Indeed⚠️Apply early and the demand exceeds supply.

✨Remember to apply for an NI number so that you have a legal working status

✨My advice in life is not to work in a restaurant. It’s really too tiring. Don’t ask me how I know.

✨Hourly wages will increase during holidays such as Christmas and Easter📈

2⃣️Apply for Schengen visa

It is so convenient to travel to Europe from 🇬🇧✈️ It takes up to 3 hours and the air ticket is even less than 100rmb in the off-season! There was a time when it rained every day in the UK and I was in emo mode. I took a look and flew to Barcelona🇪🇸The air ticket to Barcelona was only 78rmb. I didn’t hesitate to buy a ticket and just leave. It was 78rmb. Hi, it’s not a loss after three days of sunshine! Therefore, the Schengen visa is very important. If you have the Schengen visa in hand, you can leave immediately!

But the French lottery and the Spanish lottery slot are both very popular! It will be sold out as soon as it is released, so everyone must apply as soon as possible and don't wait until Christmas or Easter Eve, otherwise you will be passive! ! In the future, Schengen visa application will be changed to electronic processing, which will be much more convenient!

3⃣️Travel within the UK

There are many interesting places in the UK, especially small town scenery. My favorite is the new forest near Southampton.  You can go petting a pony or go hiking. Sitting on the hillside and watching the sun go down will make you feel peaceful.

Recommend a few good places to travel in the UK☑️

In Edinburgh (go in summer or your head will be blown off) you must watch a sunset at Calton Hill! 🌞

Brighton (it’s very emo to go on a sunny day to see the sea on a cloudy day) is a very free and informal coastal town.

Go to Alexander Park in Bath and watch thousands of lights come on. Maybe you will find a sense of belonging in the UK.

The above is what you must do as soon as possible when you come to the UK. If you have any questions, please let us know in the background.

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