UK 🇬🇧 private schools that still have places ✅

The time period at the end of March is really extremely embarrassing. It seems that the schools have no spots. It seems that some schools still have spots. Do you want to apply or not ? Then the editor will summarize some of the more popular schools✅


OIC is one of the three schools that is difficult to apply for. It has PreG, IGCSE and Alevel ❗️ D'o has IGCSE and Alevel ❗️ OSFC has IGCSE, PreA and Alevel ❗️There are still 🈳️ places✅

2.Kent College Canterbury

KCC is a traditional British private school with a low elimination rate. It is close to the seaside and has pastures. The number of people who progress to Oxbridge every year is acceptable. It offers IGCSE and Alevel, as well as IB courses . ❗️There are still 🈳️ places✅

3.Rossall School

Russell Middle School is above Liverpool and more than an hour away from Manchester City. Its results are above average and it ranks first in the UK for golf. It has excellent choir, piano (all Steinway) and football. It has PreA and IGCSE ❗️still has 🈳️ places✅

4.Abbey College Cambridge

Everyone is familiar with Abbey Cambridge. It has good results and many competitions. It offers PreA, IGCSE and preparatory courses (except for Oxbridge, LSE and IC, which are not recognized by British universities, including UCL, and there is no pressure on points. 🈚️The passing rate ) There are still 🈳️ places✅

5.Harrogate Ladies College

Among the top 10 girls' schools in the UK, Harrogate is in the north of the UK, about an hour away from Manchester City or Leeds. The school is not big, with few international students ( 🇨🇳 only 17), and many weekend activities❗️ excellent results, including IGCSE and Alevel, there are still 🈳️ places✅

6.Malvern St James

MSJ is one of the top five girls' schools in the UK. Everyone should be familiar with it. The school is located in central England and is a traditional British private school. Many students apply to universities in the United States. The SAT is a British test center. Most students start studying in Year 9. GCSE requires a separate Ask, there are still 🈳️ places✅

7. Queen Ethelburga's

QE is one of the schools with the best academic performance in the north of England, with more than 85% A*A every year. The school is divided into key classes and ordinary classes. There are many British people, including PreG, IGCSE, and PreA. The school ranks in the top 50 all year round, and still has 🈳️bit✅ _

8. MPW

MPW’s London campus is extremely famous. Their preparatory courses are recognized by the University of the Arts London. They are also one of the few schools that start teaching art from GCSE. There are IGCSEs. Many people are admitted to art universities every year, and there are still 🈳️

I would also like to ask which schools you should contact us. The above schools are still free of charge to apply~

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