There are still places in British secondary schools❗️Hurry up and choose a school❗️

🏫St Michael's School

Ranked 27th among the top 100 private schools in the UK by The Times 📰 in 2024 ❗️The school style is very low-key and does not over-market itself because of its excellence. It is the type that focuses on academics and is one of the private schools in Wales. 🔝1⃣️ . Every year, students from this school can be seen winning awards in international competitions such as tennis, equestrian, and cross-country competitions.

🏫Hurtwood House Hurtwood House

It is an academic school that focuses on performance and admission rates. It has a high proportion of Oxbridge offers every year and is one of the Alevel high schools with excellent results in the UK. The school also provides additional English tutoring for international students and adjusts teaching content according to each student's individual situation.

🏫Cobham School

The school's music and sports are particularly outstanding. The choir arranges professional tutors to learn any instrument they want to learn. After training, they can take the Royal Music Society examination and participate in a European chorus tour every two years. Triathlon, equestrian and cross-country are also highly ranked in the professional field, and they have trained record -breaking champions in the Tokyo Olympics.

🏫Cardiff Sixth Form College

I believe everyone has heard of this school’s super 🐮A*A data, which is basically ranked 🔝3⃣️ in the UK all year round. The teachers at the school have at least 15 years of teaching experience, and most of them are examiners. They can better improve students' examination skills and provide professional guidance for students' chosen subjects. It is simply the British version of Hengshui Middle School.

🏫Mount Kelly College

The school's super swimming team has more than a hundred athletes who have participated in international competitions and won 8 Olympic medals and 16 Commonwealth medals, which are too many to count. Not to mention the training facilities, professional coaches, recovery equipment, food and daily living, There are also Olympic standard swimming lanes🥺

🏫Mander Port man Woodward

It is a dream school for art students. Its preparatory courses are co-taught by UAL teachers, ensuring that students’ portfolios can be admitted to UAL , which means that more than 95% of students can attend UAL . Of course, the portfolio tutored by UAL teachers can also be used to apply to other schools, which is very valuable.

The number of school places is decreasing day by day ‼ ️Thinking about 🈸️ above 🇬🇧 middle school, dd fish fry in the background, don’t wait and see ‼ ️

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