British secondary private schools that still have places

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

Currently, many private schools in the UK are accepting places🈵️ . Let’s take a look at what other good schools you can apply for

🏫Abbey College Cambridge

Located in Cambridge, teaching in small classes, with 6-7 students per class. The student’s tutor is a student from the University of Cambridge 👨🏻‍🎓 . Lecturers from the University of Cambridge 👩🏻‍🏫 are often given lectures. The academic atmosphere is strong and there are lectures every month. Students’ academic reports, friendly to international students👍🏻

🏫Queen Ethelburga's College

Located in the small town of York, it is a traditional manor-style school with a strong British flavor. This year it ranked 5⃣️ in the Daily Mail’s list of private schools, and its results are very good📄 . This year’s A*A in Alevel was 83.8%. 83.61% A*A at GCSE

🏫Rossall School

In 🇬🇧Blackpool , in the north of England, is a 🏖️manor -style school close to the sea. In addition to good grades, the school is also very outstanding. The school's football⚽️ , golf, piano🎹 , and choir🎵 are all very good. , the school’s music teachers are also graduates of the Imperial Art School, and the school even has its own chorus theater

🏫DLD College London

Located in the center of London, the dormitory is very comfortable, with rooms for 1-3 people to choose from. The school is modern and the teaching facilities are also very new. The school also provides a large number of art courses. Every year, many students successfully progress to Lunyi, Royal Art, and Central Art. Saint Martin and other schools✅

🏫Christ Hospital School

The school is a traditional private boarding school near London. It is one of the oldest schools in the UK and has a history of nearly 500 years . The school's music is its strong point. It has 25 music rooms and a 500-person theater, and the school has a history of nearly 500 years. The school also held a musical performance at the Queen's 90th anniversary celebration, and the cafeteria was the filming location for the Harry Potter movie🤩

🏫King 's Ely School

The school is near Cambridge and has a history of thousands of years. The environment is elegant and comfortable. The school's buildings still retain the classical colors of the Middle Ages. There are usually a lot of activities, including football ⚽️ , tennis 🎾 , hockey 🏑️ , swimming 🏊 , and rugby 🏈 , boating🚣‍♀️ , golf, etc., there are also music festivals, drama clubs, choirs, more than 50 musical instruments, focusing on various developments

🏫Oxford International College OIC

There are two campuses, respectively in Oxford and Brighton, and the results are also quite outstanding💯 . This year’s A*A for Alevel is 90.1%, and GCSE’s A*A is 87.4%. If OIC’s results are second, no school dares to call itself No. 1⃣️ right ?❓The purpose of this school is to improve your grades from AS to A2. If you fail to reach AAB, you will be kicked out.

The above are the good British middle schools that still have places. I want to go to 🈸️🇬🇧 middle school, backstage beep

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