There are currently available private schools in the UK❗️Hurry and take a look❗️

🏫Reddam House Berksh.ire

The school has a cooperative relationship with the Berkeley School in the United States to provide students with the best music and art teaching, and its music performance major is the best. The school provides many performance opportunities for students to participate in stage design, stage performances, backstage work, lighting design and other practices, which many schools cannot do.

🏫Queen Ethburga 's

As a school ranked 17th among the top 100 private schools in The Times in 2024 , its environment, teachers, academics, etc. must be ranked 1⃣️ and 2⃣️ in the UK. The most distinctive feature of the school is that it is divided into regular classes ( Facuty ) and key classes ( College ). Except for the different classes, everything else is exactly the same and will not be treated differently.

🏫Boothman School

The school's philosophy is to fully respect every student and advocate equality for everyone. It is a very low-key traditional private school. It also provides astronomy courses and has one of the few observatories of its own in the UK . It also often organizes activities such as hiking, watching football games, and traveling to broaden students' horizons.

🏫Ipswich SchoolIpswich School

One of the 100 existing public schools. As a school mentioned in Shakespeare's plays, its music department is one of the best music majors in the UK. Its complete and advanced music facilities inspire students' enthusiasm for learning music, and a dedicated music teaching department allows almost all graduates who focus on music to be promoted to members of the Russell University Group or European music universities.

🏫St Bees School

It is also one of the 100 existing public schools. It is the same period as the nine public schools and has a history of more than 400 years . It is also one of the schools that has won the most Duke of Edinburgh Awards. The British royal family has visited three times. The school directors all graduated from Oxbridge, and they also have their own professional system of Oxbridge G5 guidance.

🏫Malvern College

One of the forward-looking IB schools, this year's IB scores are much higher than the national average and exceed the global average score. 40% of the students have scores of 40 or above (out of 45 ), which is great🐮 . Many of its IB students enter G5 American Ivy League schools, and 7%-8% of students enter Oxbridge every year . It is simply a machine for making offers from prestigious schools.

The number of places in schools is getting less and less every day. If you want to go to 🇬🇧 middle schools above 🈸️ , you should DD as soon as possible ‼ ️

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