🇬🇧 private schools that currently have spaces (as of March 31)

I still see that many parents are asking what other schools have vacancies now, whether it is GCSE, IGCSE or Alevel. Let’s take stock together today and see if we can successfully find the places . 💯

1⃣️King 's Ely

King's Ely has vacancies for IGCSE and Alevel. It has a thousand-year history. It is a traditional British private school and a manor-style school. Its results are above average. It is famous for its musical instruments and choir. It is near Cambridge and is suitable for transition to one-year IGCSE.

2⃣️ Malvern St James

MSJ is one of the top 10 girls' schools in the UK. The school is located in central England. Many students apply to American universities here. The school is a SAT test center. The school currently has GCSE and Alevel seats .

3⃣️Harrogate Ladies College

Harrogate Girls' School is in the north of England. It has a small school population, small class teaching, and few Chinese students. The school currently has vacancies for IGCSE and Alevel. The school is about an hour's drive from Manchester City and Leeds.

4⃣️Mill Hill School

Admission to a large university in north London requires cat4, an English test, and an interview. Most international students go to their international department for IGCSE. Alevel needs to be transferred to the main department. It is difficult to get admission, but capable students can give it a try.

5⃣️ Rossall School

Russell Secondary School is a little above Liverpool, close to the university. The school is famous for music, football, and choir. The results are acceptable, and it has IGCSE, PreA and Alevel.

6⃣️Ellesmere College

ES is above Birmingham, in the middle of the country, with IGCSE and Alevel, a manor-style school, and the school's results are above average. The middle class prefers it.

7⃣️Abbey Manchester/Cambridge

Elena, the new principal of Abbey Cambridge Secondary School, comes from St Clares Oxford, which ranks 1st in the UK for IB results. She believes that next year's results will increase the A*A A level to above 90%. Abbey's Manchester City campus is the only 1⃣️1⃣️ in the center of Manchester. This high school is really not to be missed by students who like Manchester United, Manchester City and the University of Manchester.

8⃣️ Queen Ethelburga's

Queen Elizabeth Middle School is a middle school with strong academic ability in the north of England. It is ranked in the top 50 in the UK. It is divided into key classes and ordinary classes. Students with ability can try the key classes.

The above schools are still difficult to apply 🆓 fei ❤️

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