There are currently 1 🇬🇧British private secondary schools with places available⃣️

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

There is still half a year until the British private schools start in September⃣️ . Many schools are accepting 🈵️ seats one after another . Can you still 🈸️please❓Yes❗️Let ’s see which better schools have 🈳️ seats

🏫Cardiff Sixth Form College

The school's Alevel and GCSE results are quite stable every year💯. This year's A*A for Alevel is 84.7%, and A*A for GCSE is 84.1%. Academics who want to sprint for Oxbridge can learn about this school👍🏻 , the teaching teacher He was the examiner for the major exams in previous years. He is good at solving exam questions and the application requirements are also very high📈

🏫Queen Ethelburga's College

It is located in the small town of York, with a quiet surrounding environment. It is a traditional manor-style school. The school is large and well-equipped with good results. This year it ranked 5th in the Daily Mail’s private school list. This year’s A*A for Alevel was 83.8%, and GCSE A*A was 83.61%. You can experience British education without falling behind on your grades.

🏫City of London, Freeman's School

Located in the affluent area of ​​Surrey, London, there are many middle schools nearby with a strong academic atmosphere. There are large parks on the campus that students can use freely. The teaching buildings are in British style and the internal facilities have been renovated in recent years. There are scientific Building 🧪 , independent teaching building, library 📖 , gymnasium 🏸️ , gym 🏃🏻 , theater, swimming pool 🏊, etc., both academic and extracurricular activities can be done

🏫Rossall School

Located on the coast of Blackpool in the north of England , it is a manor-style school close to the sea. The surrounding environment of the school is comfortable and suitable for focusing on studies. It not only has outstanding achievements but also develops students' talents. It has a wealth of extracurricular activities - football ⚽️ , golf, piano 🎹 , Glee 🎵 , and are both prominent in the UK. The school has its own choral theater

🏫St Bees School

Located next to the National Nature Park in Northern England, the scenery is very good, and it is more suitable for studying at ease than London. The famous Mr. Bean also graduated from this school. It is one of the oldest public schools in the UK, with a history of more than 400 years.

🏫DLD College London

The dormitory can directly see the center of London, and has 1-3 rooms, with convenient living and transportation. The school's teaching facilities have been brand new in recent years, and the school offers many art student courses that the school does not have. A large number of students every year Proceed to University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, etc.✅

🏫CATS Cambridge

The school is located in Cambridge. The school is full of international students. The school is ranked around 100 in the UK (1,600 schools participate in the ranking). It can basically be admitted to QS100 universities. Each class is controlled to 10-15 people, with catering and accommodation. Also friendly to international students👩🏻‍🏫

Want to know about other British private schools with good locations, or want to know about 🈸️🇬🇧 middle schools, backstage✉️Didi Wang Million~

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