Everyone who reads this article has passed the private school entrance exam❗️

If you want to enter a high-quality middle school, an entrance exam is essential. So what exactly does the entrance exam test?

Typical entrance exams are:


✔️ Ukiset


✔️School exam

🔘 The ISEB exam is divided into two testing phases

▫️ ISEB pre-test preparation test

▫️ ISEB Common entrance examination

All exams are answered online, and overseas students can also take the exam.

▪️The preparatory test is usually conducted when students are in grades 6 and 7 ( 10-11 years old), and is open to 11+ and 13+ private secondary schools. Tests include mathematics ( 40 minutes), English ( 40 minutes), verbal reasoning ( 30 minutes) and non-verbal reasoning ( 25 minutes), totaling 2 hours and 15 minutes.

▪️You can take the unified examination only after passing the preparatory test. It is usually carried out in the 8th grade ( 12 years old), and the subjects of English, mathematics and science are tested. In addition, a wide range of subjects such as geography and history are optionally selected according to the requirements of the school to which you are applying.

✔️Math : Numerical and place value, calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), fractions, decimals and percentages, measurement, geometry, statistics, etc.

✔️English : reading, summarizing, understanding, explaining word meanings, arranging sentences, correcting errors, etc.

✔️Verbal reasoning: problem solving, logical deduction, definition, paraphrase, etc.

🔘 Ukiset is also an online exam, open to students aged 9-18 , divided into 4 groups according to age.

▪️The exam content is usually three parts: reasoning ( 45 minutes), English ( 30 minutes) and writing ( 30 minutes)

✔️Reasoning : understanding, grammar, language, processing numbers, solving problems based on pictures, etc.

✔️English : listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading, etc.

✔️Writing : You may be asked to describe experiences, feelings, characters, etc.

🔘 CAT4 is also an online test, open to students aged 6-17 . It mainly tests students' logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and spatial reasoning. It takes a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

✔️Logical reasoning: observe the characteristics of the image and make analogies

✔️Verbal reasoning: make analogies after understanding the meaning of the word

✔️Numerical reasoning: find patterns and make analogies

✔️Spatial Reasoning: Analyze images through spatial imagination

🔘The compulsory subjects for the school examination are English and mathematics, and other subjects are determined according to the school's requirements.

✅Test preparation suggestions: British exams pay more attention to the ability to apply knowledge. It is recommended that you must lay a solid foundation in basic English skills, such as improving vocabulary, doing more reading, listening, and oral writing, etc. All the examination subjects have been studied in China, so there is no need to worry too much.

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