After reading this article, you can master the British secondary school interview☺️

Today is the in-depth article on what to take in the British secondary school interview💓

Generally speaking, British private school interview questions are mainly divided into three types:

✨Factual questions: generally include student life; schools attended; subjects studied; favorite subjects; subjects disliked; hobbies ; what books have been read📚, etc. These simple information questions😊

✨Opinion questions: Generally refer to students’ thoughts or opinions on something, such as why they like this course; why they don’t like it; what do you think needs to be improved in this course? 😇

✨Situational questions: This means that admissions officers will ask hypothetical questions, such as: What would you do if you were struggling in a class? What would you do if you were doing very easily in a certain class, but your classmates encountered some problems? If you came to our school, what extracurricular activities would you choose? If you come to our school, what will you bring to us? ☺️

After the interview, don’t forget about etiquette as well. Maintain a smile and eye contact, then give a firm handshake🤝 , politely express "Thank you for your time", "Thank you for the opportunity to come to school and meet you", etc. Return the chair to its place, and do the same to other staff Express gratitude and keep your politeness until the very end.

After leaving the school, send an e- mail to express your gratitude to the interviewer and other staff on the same day; it is best to send a paper thank-you letter to the school in the form of 📧 , which will be a great bonus. 👍

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