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The summer vacation is over. Did you study hard for GCSE during the vacation? If not, don’t worry, Mr. Fried Fish has brought a new collection of resources for studying GCSE ~

📖Physics & Mathtutor 📍Science

The content is not only physics and mathematics, but also biology, chemistry, economics, etc., not only for GCSE but also Alevel . It contains a wealth of lecture notes and teaching videos, as well as a series of tools such as mock exams, so you can flexibly arrange your academic plan according to your own needs.

📖 BBC Bitesize


It is a website developed by the BBC . It is written by professional education scholars. It contains a complete set of subjects and examinations, and the knowledge points are divided in detail. It is suitable for a wide range of ages. It covers all subjects before British universities, targeting GCSE and Alevel .

📖 Onmaths  📖 Math Genie


The website will be updated regularly to provide high-quality video teaching. There are also test papers that you can take by yourself. I personally think it is very suitable for preparing for the big exam. Each paper comes with an explanation video, so you don’t have to worry about not understanding the answers on paper.



The GCSE materials are very comprehensive and can be used as a repeat strategy. After completing the questions, there are explanations on knowledge points, which is very friendly for beginners.



This website is specifically designed for the GCSE stage. It covers all subjects and covers a wide range of knowledge. The design of the web page is very clear. I highly recommend it .



It covers the explanation of knowledge points of GCSE and Alevel . It not only has text explanations but also videos. It is very simple and easy to understand and friendly to beginners.

📖 Save my exam


It has a large number of knowledge points organized and classified by chapters, which are clear at a glance. The past papers and examination papers included are very suitable for reviewing questions before the exam.

Want more collections? Welcome dd Fried Fish Teacher~ 🇬🇧Middle School🈸️ , beeping in the background

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