Broken defense 😅 I have a budget of 100,000 per year and want to study 🇬🇧Master's Preparatory Course

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

The first ⃣️ defense since the new year, let’s take a look at the background of a certain student: I have two academic qualifications, only a completion certificate and no graduation certificate. I want to make my resume look better by taking a pre-master’s program and a 🇬🇧 master’s degree. Looking at the previous items alone, there is actually no problem. Wang Wanwan can always select a suitable school among the many universities in the UK that offer master's preparatory courses. However, the next requirement is that the budget is within 10w😅

I sincerely hope that students will understand the cost of studying abroad before making millions 😅 10w includes tuition + living expenses + accommodation fees. Let’s just say that there are very few countries in Asia where you can study abroad 😅 If you can, please I also want to get a double master’s degree in the UK with 100,000 😅

So the topic that students are more concerned about is, if you don’t successfully graduate from junior college or bachelor’s degree and want to improve your academic qualifications in the UK, how much will it cost ? Today I will take you to take stock of the costs💰

❗️Path to enter prestigious schools:

👉Master 's Preparatory Course

For example, if you have an undergraduate degree from a non-university school✔️, or you only have a completion certificate but no diploma✔️, or you are a junior college student who wants to enter a prestigious school✔️ , 👉🏻 you can take a one- year master's preparatory course and successfully complete the master's preparatory course. You can study for a master's degree in a prestigious school that you would otherwise not be able to get into. Students can enter different schools according to their different circumstances. It is not a big problem to enter QS100. It is a good way to improve your academic qualifications✅

💰How much does it cost to study a one-year master’s preparatory program:

✨Let ’s talk about the total first. If you are very economical, your daily consumption level is not particularly high, and the professional tuition is not very high, the minimum cost in London is 320,000, and the minimum cost in non-London is 270,000. Of course No upper limit.

⚠️This total includes all expenses including tuition fees + living expenses + accommodation fees + various entertainment, etc.

💰Tuition fees

Different universities have different tuition fees for different majors. The following are the pre-master’s tuition fees for some schools:

🏫University of Glasgow:

👉🏻Humanities and Social Sciences preparatory course fee: around £20,000/year

👉🏻Science and engineering preparatory course fee: around £22,500/year

🏫University of Bristol:

👉🏻 £23300-£24300/year

🏫University of Sheffield:

👉🏻Business , Social Sciences and Humanities Preparatory Course Tuition: £18500-£20700/year

👉🏻Science and engineering preparatory tuition fee: £18500-£20700/year

🏡Accommodation :

👉🏻Accommodation in London: around £1200 per month

👉🏻Accommodation in cities outside London: around £800 per month

🍚Diet :

👉🏻London : £700-£800 per month

👉🏻Cities outside London: £400-£500 per month

These are the basic expenses, in addition there are round-trip air tickets ☑️ , transportation expenses ☑️ , entertainment expenses ☑️ , daily necessities ☑️ , clothing shopping ☑️ and other expenses

Stop asking if you can study in the UK with 100,000 yuan, just ask! Just can't! Counting it on my fingers, it's at least 30. Currently, there are still 🈶️🈳️ places available for master's degree preparatory course in September⃣️ . I want to preparatory course for 🈸️🇬🇧 . The backend ✉️ beeps. Submit the materials now. If you hurry, you can get the offer the next day ❗️

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