Can’t get into a good British university with a master’s degree? Simple! Just take a preparatory course for a master's degree!

I am not a graduate, a junior college student, or my undergraduate school is not good enough, or I am one of the three situations mentioned above and I have been working for many years after graduation. I want to study for a master's degree in the UK, but I find that the school I went to for a degree is not on the list of British universities at all. There is still hope for this situation! You can easily enter a prestigious British university by studying a preparatory course for a master's degree!

What is Master’s Preparatory Program❓

✅The transitional course from half a year to one year lays a foundation for students to enter the master's degree in British universities in language and professional courses. It is a bridge course that can improve students' academic level and comprehensive ability.

✅The preparatory course is equivalent to the transition period to famous schools. It enables students who cannot apply to these schools to meet the admission standards of the master's program of the university they are applying for, so as to successfully enter the master's degree.

⚠Which students are it suitable for?

⭕Bachelor ’s background is average or university average is low

For students whose undergraduate school is average or whose average score in each subject is low, and who want to enter a prestigious British school, through the master's preparatory course, you can successfully enter the school's master's degree that you could not apply for before.

⭕Those with weak language skills

If your language proficiency is insufficient, you can make up for it by taking English courses for pre-master’s programs. If your language skills do not meet the requirements for applying for pre-master’s programs, you can also take language classes in the UK in advance.

⭕Inter -professional applicants

Students who are not accepted because they do not have the relevant professional background foundation can provide basic courses in related majors so that they can smoothly change majors during the master's degree.

⭕College students studying for a master’s degree

Foreign graduate students do not accept college degrees, so college students who want to study for a master's degree in the UK must first take a master's preparatory course.

📝Application timeline

Take 2024fall as an example to see the application time plan📨

Step 1⃣️ :

Understand the situation of British preparatory schools and application conditions, determine the best school to apply for and the major you want to go to according to your actual situation, improve academic performance, and don’t worry about language scores . You can apply for a place first and then submit language scores for preparatory courses✏

Step 2⃣️ :

Start preparing applications and corresponding materials according to school requirements, such as transcripts, etc.📄

Step 3⃣️ :

Submit the application and follow up with the school for feedback📮 . If the school is quick, you can get the offer the next day.

Step 4⃣️ :

After receiving the offer, choose the school you want to go to based on your own situation and pay the placement fee💰

Step 5⃣️ :

Prepare language scores, apply for CAS, and apply for visas. Arrange accommodation in advance🏠Pick - up✈Air ticket related matters

Step 6⃣️ :

Ready to go✈

If you also want to study for a master's degree at a high-quality university in the UK, and want to preparatory courses, backstage✉tidi , submit the materials now, and you can get an offer the next day if you are quick

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