🇬🇧Master’s application to-do list for the whole year

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The application for 24fall is coming soon . You can prepare the materials according to the following list✨

academic materials

1⃣️Proof of enrollment (required for fresh graduates⚠️ ) , both in Chinese and English, must have the official seal of the school

❗️Printing on school letterhead

2⃣️Graduation certificate ➕Degree certificate (previous graduates ⚠️required and fresh graduates need to exchange two certificates for uncon)

❗️Original price in Chinese ➕English translation English version🉑️No photos attached

3⃣️Transcripts : Complete transcripts from freshman to senior year (fresh graduates🉑️ are not provided for seniors). Chinese➕English translations need to be stamped by the Academic Affairs Office

❗️The two information must be completely consistent

4⃣️ Proof of average scores. If the transcript only has GPA, all must be converted into average scores.

❗️ KCL UCL needs to provide a weighted average score

5⃣️IELTS scores: Most schools can submit an application without elegance, get a con offer, and then submit IELTS scores and provide qualified IELTS scores in June-July at the latest.

6⃣️ GMAT GRE scores⚠️ are not required, but if you are from a business school such as G5 or Wangman Aihua, submitting GMAT or GRE can greatly enhance your competitiveness.

Documentary materials

Two reference letters are required, so it is necessary to swipe your face like crazy in front of the teacher while studying!

CV Some experience unrelated to the application can be listed in the resume to show your personal ability diversity outgoing

PS A 👍 essay can add 5 to 10 points to your original average score . It must show your greatest enthusiasm for the major in the school as well as your confidence and ability💪

other materials

Print and scan job recommendation letter on company letterhead to let your boss praise you

The proof of practice must be printed and scanned on the company's letterhead and must be stamped with the company's official seal.

Work certificate original price in Chinese➕English translation printed on company letterhead➕official seal

Vocational qualification certificates , papers and scientific research achievement patent certificates require Chinese originals➕English translations

The most important thing is to maintain a calm and good attitude during the application process. Don’t be depressed because of receiving a rejection letter. Believe that you will always be the best!

Finally, if you have any questions or anxieties, please welcome Didi to us!

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