🇬🇧Private school report points out: Studying abroad at a young age is a general trend❗️

✔️The data report comes from the ISC ( Independent Schools Council ) British Private School Committee. ISC member schools include 1,395 private schools in the UK. It is the most authoritative private school data report.

👥Increase of international students

Nearly 4 in 10 ISC school students are from ethnic minority backgrounds, and this proportion continues to rise every year. The ratio of international students is about 1:10 , with mainland China and Hong Kong being the main sources of students.

There are 61,803 non-British students studying in ISC schools this year, accounting for 11.2% of all ISC students.

🇨🇳Mainland students have ranked first in the list of students for eight consecutive years️⃣

Since 2015, the number of mainland students has ranked No. 1️⃣ . In 2023, there will be 8,744 mainland students ( 4,038 with parents in the UK and 4,706 with parents overseas), accounting for 14.1% of international students.

💰The number of international students receiving tuition subsidies has increased

Nearly 30% of students receive some form of tuition assistance through the school. More than one-third of international school students received tuition subsidies, and 9,620 students did not need to pay any fees, an increase of 23% from last year.

🏫Most private school graduates enter top-ranked universities

92% of ISC students go on to higher education in the UK or overseas.

50% of ISC students enter British higher education institutions and study at one of the " Top 25 " universities rated by The Times .

4% of students enter Oxford or Cambridge universities.

🚗Private schools in England, London and surrounding areas become the first choice️⃣

London and surrounding areas ( Richmond , Kingston , Surrey , Oxfordshire, etc.) are the main areas chosen, and the proportion of students studying in private schools is also the highest, with more than 12% .

✈️ Increased international influence of ISC schools

ISC schools operate 107 campuses overseas and have educated more than 71,500 students, an increase from 93 campuses and 60,000 students in 2022 .

🏠The number of boarding students is growing steadily

There are 66,325 boarding students, accounting for 12% of the total, a steady increase compared with previous years.

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