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Following the previous article on GCSE resource websites, here is another article on learning Alevel website resources that is purely informative~

📖 BBC Bitesize


Whether you are studying GCSE , Alevel , IB or want to improve your English , you must check out this website❗️The website produced by the BBC and written by professional education scholars is definitely not bad. The content covers multiple subjects and is suitable for a wide range of ages. It's all high quality content.

📖 MathCentre 📖 RevisionMaths


It covers a large number of mathematics resources, test techniques, class notes, etc., which is very suitable for preparation before the test. There are also teaching videos to watch online. Although the website production is not beautiful enough, the useful information inside is really good.

📖Physics &Mathtutor


It covers not only physics and mathematics but also biology, chemistry and other subjects. The problem-solving methods and real questions are worth checking out. It also contains teaching videos.

📖 Chemguide


The author of the website is Jim Clark , who is also the author of the textbook. The purpose of creating the website is to better explain the difficult knowledge points in the book. It is a must-read for practical information.

📖The Student Room


It is not so much a resource website as it is a large student community, which contains exam guides, examiner materials, class notes, etc. The class notes on economics are very detailed. You can post questions in them about any academic matters, which is very convenient.

📖 Level Notes

📍Bio Chemical

Detailed notes for science subjects, but the content of mathematics and physics has not yet been fully released. The content covers AQA , OCR and Edexel examination boards for each subject.

📖 Free exam papers


The website design is very old-school, but the content classification is clear at a glance. It covers all subjects and past examination papers from the examination board. It is particularly convenient to query and download.

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