Sister York takes you to experience the education major

🇬🇧Sister York will take you to experience studying education

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

This issue is another familiar senior’s study experience 🧐 , there are friends in the background ✉️ We want to know about the study experience of York University✅ , we invited senior LILY to share with us her one year of education major at York University Study life👏 .

🈸️Application background

Domestic and African, average score of 80, a related intern, IELTS 6, Duolingo 110

🏫School and major studied

York University MA Education

📖Course settings

A total of 180 credits are required, of which 80 are compulsory courses, two electives, and the graduation thesis project is 60 credits. There are two compulsory subjects that require the completion of a 3,500-word thesis. The other two are online exams. The thesis is a 12,000-word research project. Including electives, four 3,500-word papers are required to be completed during the study period. Overall, the requirements for writing are relatively high ‼ ️ , because the course is mainly theoretical📰 and explores the development of education in the current social environment. Therefore, assignments also need to be completed in the form of papers. It is recommended to choose bilingual as an elective, which is more suitable for Chinese students, especially those who hope to return to China to work in the education industry👩‍🏫 .

📮Study experience

The tutors I met during my graduate studies were all very good❤️ , they responded to emails quickly📤 , and they responded promptly to any questions after class🙋🏼‍♀️. There is also a teacher who introduces internships to classmates, so it is necessary to establish a close connection with the instructor🥹 . In terms of urban environment, the city of York is relatively small🤦🏻‍♀️ . It is not as prosperous as a big city but it has everything. It is also quite close to Leeds and Sheffield Town✅ . You can go shopping in other cities on weekends🥂 . The public security environment in York is still very good, so you can rest assured about this, but it is recommended that girls go together as much as possible in 🇬🇧 , after all, there are more drunkards and homeless people here❌ . Overall, life in York is very comfortable and pleasant.

The above is all the experience shared by senior LILY about studying in the education major at York University 👏 . If students still want to know more about 🇬🇧 colleges and majors to study in, you can tell us in the background 📩 ~

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