Newcastle seniors take you to experience the media and public relations major

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Media majors in the UK are mainly divided into three directions: journalism, communication and media. Newcastle's media major is also one of the most popular application options. Today, let Lily, a senior student at Newcastle University, give us a detailed study experience.

📖Application background

Double non-media majors, average score of 84, one internship in public relations and one internship in TV station

🏫Colleges and majors

Newcastle University, MA Media and Public Relations - Master of Arts in Media and Public Relations

👨‍🏫Course Settings

The required and elective courses are shown in the figure. The compulsory courses are almost all presented in the form of theory📒 . There are no offline exams. They are all course papers due mid-term and final📋, or research plans🔖 . There are still certain requirements for students' writing ability, because every time I reach the deadline, I feel I can’t write without any inspiration😷 . The lesson is to ask more vertical questions in class and think deeply. In this way, some topics in the paper will be deeper and the score will be higher☑️ . I personally chose Media and Communications Freelancing as an elective course because the self-media era is now in the spotlight and I want to do more research in this area💬 . I personally feel that global public relations is average. It’s too theoretical and I haven’t learned anything practical😑 . Risk and crisis management is quite interesting and optional.

❗️Study experience

Everyone knows that the job competition for media and public relations students is quite high😓 . In addition, on-campus learning is more theoretical, which will lead to a lack of technical competitiveness. If you want to work in the UK, it is highly recommended to study here and make full use of the school’s resources. If you want to get a diploma and return to China to join a big factory, it is recommended to participate in a few more interns while studying in China and make good use of winter and summer vacations👩🏻‍💻 . There are still many good companies for public relations majors back home, including foreign companies and domestic agencies, but the common denominator may be that they are "busy" and "work overtime" 😦 . Overall, I am quite satisfied with my studies in Newcastle, and I am currently preparing to return to China to work in the fall.

My senior sister’s advice to everyone is: plan in advance, prepare early, and walk the right path.

If you have any questions🈸️about the media major at Newcastle University🤔️, or if you are not sure whether your current grades meet the application requirements, you can contact ✉️Wang Baiwan in the background to answer your questions at any time .

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