A complete guide to Newcastle University’s undergraduate foundation studies

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

Today is an introduction to Newcastle University’s undergraduate preparatory application😊The good news is that Newcastle University’s ranking has improved this year! QS ranking 110 in 2024! 🎉Improved by more than 20 places! It can be said that babies with poor foundation are blessed! The foundation is poor, but reaching the top 200 is not a dream!

✨Academic achievement preparatory direction👉Architecture, Biomedicine, Business and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Computer and Mathematics, High School Diploma or Certificate of Enrollment or Certificate of Completion of High School Grade 2👉80%
Senior year 👉75% key schools 70% Mathematics requirements: 70%
AS👉CCD/3OUCAS accepts Chinese

✨English score
5.0(4.5) three semesters
4.5 (4.0) four semesters

✨Admission requirements
1⃣️70% of students can enter Newcastle University for undergraduate studies
2⃣️To apply for an undergraduate degree at Newcastle University, you must meet both the Eap and professional academic scores and meet the admission requirements of Newcastle University🉑️

✨Application materials: high school transcript, proof of language proficiency, a personal statement and a recommendation letter
❗️Personal statement is an important way for you to show yourself and prove your qualifications and desire to receive higher education. It needs to invest enough time and energy to prepare ❗️After preparing the application materials, you need to go through the British University and College Admissions Service (UCAS) Apply. Complete all necessary information on UCAS📖 and upload your application materials. The overall admission rate is above 80%

✨The school starts in October each year and the application deadline is the end of June of the following year. 9🈷️ or 1🈷️Starts for 3-4 semesters. Each semester is about 3 months.

Although applying for Newcastle University's preparatory course requires a series of steps, as long as you do each step well, you are very likely to get an offer! And with the ranking of Newcastle University 🔝, the competition is becoming more and more fierce and? Submit the materials to our brother now and we’ll get an offer within 2⃣️ weeks! If you’re interested, it’s better to act now!
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