Newcastle University Master's Preparatory Program Application Guide

Everyone knows that Wang Baiwan is a British secondary school and preparatory school

Newcastle University has a long history and an excellent medical school. It is also well-known for its science, engineering, law, and humanities. Today, I will show you how to apply for the master's preparatory course at the university. Remember to save it.

QS ranking: 110

✅Master 's preparatory admission rate: 97%

✅Do you need language scores?

For master's preparatory courses, you can apply for an offer first to reserve a place. You do not need to provide language scores when applying, but you only need to provide language scores before admission.

✅School start time:

1⃣️month 👉 half-year course

9⃣️months👉one year course

⚠️The start time is flexible. If you feel that it is too late to apply in September, you can apply for the foundation course in January of the following year. Whether it is September or January of the following year, you will start school in September of the following year to enter Newcastle's master's program⚠️

✅Master 's Preparatory Course:

👉Architecture and Landscape Architecture

👉Business and Humanities

✅Application conditions

👉 3-year college application requirements:

❗️Full -time 3-year college average score of no less than 75%;

❗️The average score of self-taught college is not less than 80%;

👉Undergraduate application requirements:

❗️Full -time undergraduate students with two complete certificates and an average score of no less than 60%;

❗️Full -time undergraduates with a diploma but no degree must have an average score of no less than 70%;

❗️Diploma to Bachelor’s Degree (3 years of junior college + 1 year of undergraduate) with an average score of no less than 60%;

❗️Self -taught undergraduate degree with two complete certificates and an average score of no less than 70%;

👉UK degree application requirements:

❗️At least 2: 2 degrees;

❗️Third -class degree requires case analysis

✅Application materials

Transcript 📄 + academic certificate 📄 + an excellent resume 📄 + recommendation letter 📄 , in addition, you need to provide the IELTS score report required by this direction before admission 📄

Language requirements:

IELTS 5.5, no less than 5.5 in each section

✅Preparatory Course Fees💰 :


✅Master ’s Preparatory Courses:

👉Newcastle 's master's preparatory courses include EAP and professional courses

❗️English focuses on Reading and Writing. The course materials include grammar and vocabulary. The courseware is usually prepared and explained by the teacher. The exam consists of 4 items: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In the first semester, each of the four items accounts for 5% of the score; in the second semester, Listening and Speaking each account for 15%, Writing and Reading each account for 25%.

❗️The assessment of professional courses is in the form of writing + examination

The above is the application guide for the Master's Preparatory Program at Newcastle University in the UK. If you have any questions, please submit your materials now. If you are quick, you can get the offer the next day.

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