Suggestions for studying abroad in 23fall🇬🇧

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

🇬🇧Applying to study abroad is really difficult It gets harder every year Rolling out year by year This is an experience post As an old man studying abroad This is the countless pitfalls I have gone through. I hope you guys won’t leave again ~

1⃣️Be sure to check the validity period of your passport and whether it has expired⚠️This is very important If less than half a year Please reissue it as soon as possible! Go to the local immigration office Explain the purpose of applying for a passport i.e. study abroad Then provide proof of enrollment in the offer school Proof of tuition payment and all documents that can prove that you are studying abroad Then fill in your personal information Photograph Normal procedures such as fingerprint collection☑️ 

2⃣️When choosing an agency, remember to shop around! Previous study abroad experience cost The background and qualifications of the document 👩‍🏫 Number of schools to choose from And whether the last one fails to win💰 These are all factors that need to be considered when choosing an intermediary.

❗️❗️Secondly, UUs must have a generally clear positioning for the school. Beware of intermediaries making big claims🫓

The top 50 business majors in QS are either 985/211/ double non- average score of 85 Schools such as LSE IC not only have higher test scores , but also have a higher average score of 88

QS50-100 Business double non-equal split 83 985/21180

⚠️This is just a rough distinction Different majors and schools have different requirements. More detailed analysis is needed

3⃣️Brush points! 🇬🇧Graduation is king when applying to universities👑 First look at results Secondly, extra points background such as scientific research and practical experience ❗️Every year’s grades from freshman to senior year for Luben University students are very important. British students are sophomores and juniors. 

4⃣️Hurry up and prepare for your language scores! Now in China, due to adultery IELTS test centers are often canceled☹️so take the test early and feel at ease! Some schools are now relaxing their requirements Accept Duolingo or PTE ☑️Difficulty level is IELTS > PTE > Duolingo 

✨Duolingo is the cheapest Points are scored quickly But the third year of love Many schools have canceled their recognition of Duolingo . PTE is a computer-based test. Points are scored quickly Test in the morning The points will be announced in the afternoon

✨Each school has different requirements for language proficiency For example, the AF major of Huazi Business School requires IELTS 7(6) Duolingo 125 PTE70

❗️You need to check the situation of each school carefully. Not every school can accept duolingo . Some can use duolingo for visa, and some cannot. You need to check clearly, otherwise the visa will be easily rejected.

5⃣️Plan the application time based on the admission situation in previous years Some projects are easy to run if they are invested early. Some projects have higher admission requirements in the later stages! so! The application status and experience in previous years are really useful for reference!

The above is my summary of blood and tears suggestions! I hope you all can offer Duoduo and everything goes well! Are there any other questions you would like to know about applying? Or the language scores required by each school are still unclear. Welcome below ⬇️ or kick us backstage ~

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