You can still get a master's degree if you don't pass the national level for the postgraduate entrance examination!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The national-level results are out. I received a lot of messages from my friends in the background. They said that they failed to pass the national-level postgraduate entrance examination. Is it still too late to apply for a master's degree?

The answer here is 👉If you want a master’s degree, many good schools are full! But you can still apply for the master’s preparatory program! 😏You can save the country and study in a good school by studying preparatory courses for a master's degree🦆

✨Preparatory schools and majors that can still be applied for

🏫Lancaster University (the only one 🉑️full online master’s preparatory course)

❗️ Starting from May to August 2023, enrolling in the main course in September 2023


Accounting and Financial Management, Advanced Financial Analysis, Advanced Marketing, Business Analysis, Digital Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Human Resources Management, Currency, Banking and Financial Supply Chain Management and other business majors are all recognized by Lancaster University. All students are studying there🉑️

🧩IELTS requirement 5.5

💰 9000 💷Save about 300,000 in study abroad expenses

🏫University of Sheffield


Creative and Cultural Industries Management Money, Banking and Finance Global Journalism Information Management Digital Media and Socioeconomics Architecture Design Digital Culture and Communication East Asia Politics and Communication Automation and Energy Systems Sustainable Architecture Studies Business Finance and Economics Financial Economics Finance & Accounting Culture Data Management and Dissemination

⚠️The above master's preparatory majors are not full yet🉑️ September 2023 🈷️Admission to preparatory courses

🏫University of Glasgow


Development studies Development studies  corporate governance and accountability management & sustainable tourism  economic development with finance and policy pathways economic development with finance and policy pathways

🧩IELTS 5(4.5)

⚠️🉑️ Enrollment in September 2023 🈷️ or January 2024 🈷️

🌠Admission requirements: British 2:2 degree Chinese undergraduate university with an average score of 70 ❗️The undergraduate university must be in the white list recognized by the University of Glasgow

✨Application timeline

Mid- March🈸️

Get the offer and pay the deposit in May-June

Apply for visa in July-August


Although it seems like you have plenty of time, you are actually very nervous. My suggestion here is to get your offer early🈸️

It doesn’t matter if you fail the postgraduate entrance examination, you can still go abroad to obtain a master’s degree🇬🇧. The value is also very high. Welcome everyone to kick us in the background to learn about the relevant application information!

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