Only sports students can attend 🇬🇧top private schools❓❗️

The British teaching philosophy believes that sports and academics are equally important, and many private schools will provide students with coaches and venues that are as good as those of professional athletes.

❓Why do you attach so much importance to sports activities?

☑️Spiritual core

Cultivate children's teamwork and leadership skills. Students participating in sports activities will inevitably cooperate with their classmates, jointly formulate plans and goals, and achieve victory together. They can also develop communication skills, reconciliation and problem-solving skills.

☑️Special skills

The variety of sports activities allows each child to find a sport that suits him or her, and to maximize their strengths through professional guidance.

☑️Physical and mental health

Under the heavy academic load, extracurricular sports activities can be used to relax the mind and strengthen the body.


Sports has always been a hot topic in Western upper class society. Making friends through sports activities is also a means of socializing.

❓Which sports specialties make it easier to apply for private schools?

Private school applications are more attractive for team sports than individual sports. Team sports test not only strength but also collaborative leadership with teammates. But in fact, most sports are bonus points for applying to private schools, and the most popular ones are : football, rugby, cricket, hockey, ice hockey, tennis, golf, rowing, etc.

❓Which private schools are good at sports?

🏫 Eton CollegeEton College

The school has amazing sports teams, 45 rugby and football teams, 18 hockey teams, 22 cricket teams ... and about 8 physical education courses are taken every semester😱

🏫 King's School, Canterbury King's School Canterbury

Students can choose from 20 different sports, such as rowing, fencing, cricket, hockey, etc., and have also participated in Olympic competitions. Students in fencing, rugby, hockey, etc. have participated in international competitions every year.

🏫 Mount Kelly College

It has a super strong swimming team, and its venues, coaches and facilities are all professional-grade. It has won 8 Olympic medals, 16 Commonwealth medals and 27 Paralympic medals. In 2022 , 12 students were selected into the national team🥹

🏫 Christ 's Hospital School

A new teaching project launched in 2023 is to allow all students to participate in sports such as sailing, mountain biking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, raft building and camping, so that students' development is not limited to the classroom.

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