🇬🇧Self-taught undergraduate and master’s degree application (Part 2)

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍 In the previous article 📒 we said that students who are self-study for undergraduate or junior college studies should 🉑️ apply for postgraduate studies in the UK 📒 We just talked about what students with graduation certificates➕degree certificates should do 🈸️graduate students ⚠️The overall application ideas for students with dual certificates are the same as those for ordinary full-time undergraduate students. They need to prepare their applications one year in advance. ⚠️Both certificates must be recognized by the Ministry of Education and certified by Xuexin.com ✨Achievements 1⃣️Generally, the requirement for undergraduate master's programs in British universities is 75➕ The application success rate is relatively high, so ❗️Students who take self-study exams must work hard to obtain high scores during their studies. If you want to enter the top 100 of QS, you must at least 80➕ 2⃣️IELTS:6.5-7.0 ✨Application materials 1⃣️Transcript (English) 2⃣️Graduation certificate➕Degree certificate (English) 3⃣️Personal statement PS 4⃣️Recommendation letters (usually 2 letters) 5⃣️Language transcript🉑️to be supplemented later 6⃣️Resume 7⃣️Proof of work (or internship report) If self-study candidates 🈶️ have more relevant work experience, they will get extra points when applying 🉑️ focus on emphasizing their work-related achievements on the document ❕ ✨Recommended schools💁🏻‍♂️ 🉑️Place your position on a school ranked 100 in QS➕ with an average score of 75➕If the average score is 80➕ and at the same time IELTS 6.5➕ 🉑️Applying to a school ranked between 100-150 in QS Newcastle University of Exeter is a good choice ⚠️Some 🇬🇧 ​​universities are more proud of their business majors and will 🈶️make their own list. However, if you apply for a non-business professional dual certificate background ➕very high average score and professional course results, there is still hope for QS top 50 schools. There are different plans on the reference homepage. Everyone has different choices according to their different situations. You can come to Didi Me for everything about studying abroad.
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