British secondary school learning📚Resources✅

Because each school in the UK uses different textbooks for middle and high schools❗️, and the examination boards are also different❗️ , so please check the seats correctly to avoid confusion after reading the non-corresponding examination board materials🤪

1⃣️ Eton's ListEton Book List

This is the book list written by the famous Eton College. They will encourage students to read the books in it. Most of them are English literary works, which will greatly improve their writing and reading skills❗️

2⃣️Question bank

For Chinese children, writing questions may be a deep-rooted thing. If you don’t take the questions, who will take the questions? Hahahaha. If you want to buy questions, you can check out the two publishers GCP and Collins , but you must check the corresponding exam board AQA or Collins for details. Edexcel or Cambridge, don’t buy the wrong one❗️


Most students study mathematics at A level . Mymaths can have many questions and different difficulty options. It is similar to a teaching resource library. You can understand it this way.


This is from the British Mathematics Foundation. You can find questions from previous years on it❗️If you want to take the entrance exam, you can find some questions on it and do it to understand the difficulty of the British high school entrance exam.


A larger online question bank, suitable for students aged 4-18 . According to the British syllabus, each knowledge point is very detailed, including phonetic reading questions and standard English pronunciation. Do the questions online, but the math questions will be better than mymaths. Simpler


This is a review guide covering both GCSE and Alevel levels💻. It has explanations on more than 10 subjects, topics and knowledge points. It is relatively user - friendly😊

7⃣️ BBC education

This is more general and can be treated as extracurricular readings. You can browse more during spring break or summer vacation. There are subject introductions, topic explanations, and various resources that can be used🆓

If you think there are any treasures🏴‍☠️ resources, you can also share them with Fried Fish❤️

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