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Today I have sorted out for you what British private secondary schools are taking exams for. If you need it, hurry up 🐎Hurry up❗️

British private secondary school entrance examination, what is the test for 13+ ?

13+ is a college entrance exam taken when students are in grade 8 (i.e. around 12 or 13 years old) in the UK. It prepares children for entry into school in grade 13+ (i.e. grade 9 , which is the school year before entering GCSE ). The content, structure and marking criteria of the 13+ exam vary from school to school. Generally speaking, the 13+ exam can be divided into two types: Common Entrance Exam , referred to as the CE exam or the entrance exam set up by the school.

What is " Unified Entrance Examination "

The CE exam is organized by ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board) and covers a range of subjects. All candidates nationwide will take the exam on the same day.

What does the " Unified Entrance Examination " test❓

The 13+ Common Entrance Examination is usually held in the autumn ( November ), spring ( January ) or summer semester ( May/June ) of students' 8th grade. In most cases examinations will be held during the summer term of Year 8 .

Required subjects: English, mathematics, science

Optional subjects: geography, history, ancient Greek, Latin, religion, modern languages ​​(French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese), you can choose exams at different levels.

The content of the CE exam will not change much every year. Candidates can find sample papers from past exams on the Galore Park website for reference.

How to rate❓

Students' test papers will be sent to the schools to which they apply for grading. It is worth noting that although the scoring standards for the Unified Entrance Examination are set by the ISEB Committee, the committee also provides each school with the freedom to mark the examination papers according to its own situation. It is important to point out that there is no such thing as " failed " in the CE exam, because the school will set its own score line according to the situation, generally requiring students to be higher than 60%-70% , so it is still very easy and simple😄

 How to prepare for the UK Private Secondary School 13+ exam❓

Most private boarding schools have relevant review and preparation plans, which saves parents a lot of trouble. However, if the school your child attends does not arrange a relevant review plan, it is very important for parents to accompany their children to study and practice the syllabus and mock test questions. Preparation guides and mock test questions for the CE exam can be found on major bookseller websites in the UK. These guides can help parents and students understand the exam structure, content and assessment objectives more clearly, which is very necessary.

The above is the content of the British secondary school examination. If you need it, you can poke and fry the fish. Discussions are welcome.

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