The secrets of British secondary school interview questions ❗️

If you want to enter a high-quality middle school, in addition to written scores and hobbies, you also need to pass an entrance interview, and the interview and written test count for the same score. Mr. Fried Fish will summarize today the [Frequently Asked Questions] and [Problem-solving Techniques] for admission interviews~

❓What will be tested in the interview?

Most interviews last between 15-30 minutes, usually:

✅General personal questions

✅Questions about logical thinking ability

✅Current Affairs Questions

❓What questions are generally asked in interviews and how to answer them?

🔘 Tell me about yourself.

It usually starts with a self-introduction. You can start with self-introduction, and then extend to your family, hobbies, specialties, etc. Try to use positive words to describe yourself. You can also talk about some of your unique features. It is crucial to impress the interviewer.

🔘 Tell me about your family.

Briefly introduce the family members, and then talk about the most " sparkling points " in the family, such as parents' good careers and high education, etc. You can also talk about the bond between siblings, fun family traditions, and holiday celebrations.

🔘 Why are you interested in our school ?

Answer based on your previous knowledge of the school, such as the school’s history, campus atmosphere, academic performance, etc. You can extend from the advantages that best suit your own situation to the advantages of the school.

🔘 What is your favorite subject and why ?

Try to choose your own high-scoring subjects to answer. You can talk about the study of the subject and its impact on yourself. For example, your good performance in sports is because you have good exercise habits. The point is to showcase your talents.

🔘 Tell me about your main interest outside school ?

You must not answer " meaningless " activities, such as sleeping, playing games, etc. What interviewers like to hear most is sports activities. In addition, there are some " interest class " activities such as painting, dancing, and piano playing.

🔘After the questions are over, students are usually asked to ask questions to the interviewer. You can ask any questions, but if you really don’t have a question you want to ask, don’t answer No too quickly. You can think back to the previous questions before answering.

✅The problem-solving skills are [Sincerity] [Positiveness]. Try to answer as truthfully as possible, but use positive sentences that are best in line with the school's values. You must not show shyness when facing the interviewer, and you must not make any small gestures.

✔️Generally speaking, the interview is the last step for students to enroll. Most of the students who can be interviewed are the best candidates. Please stay confident that you will pass!

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