Summary and sharing of high-quality manor-style private schools in the UK🌸

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

Are you tired of seeing admission cases ? Today I will compile a collection of manor-style British middle schools and private schools for you🙌🏻

✨Queen Ethelburga's College

✔️Established in 1912, it is a full-time private, coeducational boarding school with a history of nearly a century.

✔️There are currently about 1,100 students from 66 countries around the world, of which boarding students account for the majority

✔️Located in York City, close to Leeds and Manchester, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment

✔️Provide traditional teaching courses for higher education, with higher and difficult requirements for GCSE and A-Level courses

✅Admission requirements: Must take Oxford test (language),

CAT4 (Ability) and Online Interview

✨Royal Russell School

✔️The school was founded in 1853 and has a long history. It is located in Surrey, England.

✔️ In 2019, 53.3% of our school’s GCSE students scored between 9-7 (A*/A), while those who achieved A*/A in the A-Level exam

The proportion of students rated is 44.8%

✔️We have maintained a very high admission rate for many years, with 80% of students entering universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, UCL, LSE, University of the Arts London, etc.

✅Application requirements: On-campus test, including English, mathematics and Skype interview

✨The King's School Ely

✔️One of the oldest schools in the UK, with a history of more than a thousand years

✔️ 50% of graduates are admitted to prestigious Russell schools

✔️Arrange student dormitories according to personality and age

✅Application requirements: Must participate in English proficiency test and interview

✨Concord College

✔️A private international school with excellent academic results, located in the North West of England

✔️ Implement a small class system, with 10-15 students in each class, and the maximum number of students in each A-level or GCSE class shall not exceed 14

✔️ 2020 Best Private School Award, 2021 British TOP Private Secondary School and other honors

✅Application requirements: Must participate in English proficiency test and interview

This issue’s introduction to high-quality manor-style private schools in the UK is here. Which private school are you interested in? You can dd in the background 🫶🏻

For UUs ​​who have applied to the above schools and successfully enrolled, we will provide local pick-up services and deliver them directly to the school gate! There are also questions and guidance on life and school, and questions and answers from local foodies.

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