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Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

🇬🇧What are the better high schools in London , UK❓London is the eye of Britain👀 . Compared with other cities, it is more prosperous✅ , rich in various resources✅ , and more convenient in all aspects of transportation✅. It is a place that many students yearn for. Let ’s take a look at some of the good secondary schools in London⬇️

🏫Tonbridge School

The school is one of the three aristocratic boys' schools in the UK. It is only a 50-minute drive from London. ⚠️It should be noted that applications for this school must be made at least 3⃣️ years in advance. British students are also eager to get in🤣 . The school is called Cambridge A university preparatory school with math teachers who are all Oxbridge graduates👨‍🏫

🏫Reddam House Berksh ire

It is only an hour's drive from central London and is a traditional manor-style private school🏠 . The school has complete facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, theatre, football⚽️ , tennis🎾 , basketball🏀 , golf courses, and a large number of art designs. There are also dance studios and theaters that girls 👧 like, and the school is a partner of the Berklee College of Music in the United States and a British middle school, and is strong in art 👊🏻

🏫Cobham Hall School

The school is only half an hour's drive from London. It is a traditional British girls' school that inherits the tradition of British aristocratic girls' schools. It is located in the affluent area of ​​Kent, with a superior surrounding environment🏕 , and the school has been rated as one of the most beautiful schools. The school often organizes various sports activities🏃🏻‍♀️ and choirs🎵

🏫Hurtwood House School

In Surrey, southwest of London, 38 miles from central London, the school focuses on grades and admission rates📄 , with a high proportion of people entering Oxbridge every year⬆️. It only provides IGCSE and Alevel courses, and a unified English test will be conducted at the time of admission. According to Results are grouped⭕️ , and different teaching schedules are arranged for different students, with rich extracurricular activities🔍

🏫Ipswich School

This school is mentioned in Shakespeare's plays👏🏻 . It is located in the southeast of London. Most of them are British students. The competition for boarding beds is fierce👊🏻 . The school has a medieval style🏰 , but various facilities and equipment are available. It is said that it has everything. The music department of the school is one of the best middle school music departments in the UK🎹. It is very outstanding.

Friends who want to go to middle school in London, you can see if there is a dream school of your own 😉 Of course, you still have to make a detailed analysis based on your own situation ✍🏻 If you want to go to a 🈸️🇬🇧 middle school, you can go backstage✉

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