What are the good secondary schools in London, UK?

Continuing from the previous article, let’s take a look at what other good British middle schools there are in London, England. Let’s take a look~ Students who want to come to the UK to study in middle schools, remember to sign up!

🏫West minster School

The school is one of the nine famous public schools in the UK. At present, the school has trained 7 British Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize 💊 , writers 📖 and other talents, and its academic performance is also very good. However, it is quite difficult to enter this school🥲 . Not only do you have to start preparing at least three years in advance, but the number of students admitted is less than 200 , and local British people are also struggling to get in❗️

🏫Rochester Independent College

The school is only half an hour's drive from London🚗 . It is one of the schools with fast improvement in Alevel results📈. It is a manor-style private school🏡 with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere👭🏻. It will provide additional English courses for international students📄 to adapt to the British environment. Curriculum and life, small class education, with an average of 8 students per class. Each Alevel student has a private tutor 👩🏻‍🏫 and one-on-one tutoring. The dormitory is a single room.

🏫King Edward's School Witley

The school is one of the few schools in the UK that offers IB courses. It is located near Surrey, a wealthy area in London. Most of the students are local British students. It has large green spaces 🏕 and sports fields ⛹🏻 . The school’s dormitories are surrounded by a lake. Built, the environment is quite good. The school also provides various musical instrument teachings, various sports venues, and excellent IB results.

🏫Abbey Secondary School London Campus (DLD London)

The school is located in the center of London. It is a residential school with a large number of art student courses✏️ . The school is a modern teaching building, and the school also provides single dormitories. The facilities are all new😍 , and the school provides electronics Competitive courses, are you excited after seeing this? 😉Art courses are the strong point, and there are not a few students left in Lunyi every year👏🏻

🏫Chirst 's Hospital School

The school is only an hour's drive from central London🚗 . The school is well known to many people. It is a public school with a history of hundreds of years. The school has strong music and has a large number of music courses🎵 , music rooms and theaters. There are students every year Entered Cambridge University to major in music. The sports performance is also quite excellent, with various sports facilities🥅 . The school is an antique British building, and the cafeteria is the filming location of Harry Potter.

Of course, London, as the eye of Britain, is quite rich in educational resources . In addition to the above schools, there are many other good schools . ❗️Think about 🈸️🇬🇧 middle school, backstage✉ditidi

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