Complete guide to applying to British junior high schools

Nowadays, studying abroad has become popular for younger students. Today, Teacher Fried Fish will share with you what are the [Requirements], [Application Materials], [Application Timeline] and [ Recommended Schools] for studying abroad in junior high schools~

✅The British academic system is different from that in China. The admissions nodes for applying for admission are:

Year 7-11 years old (equivalent to sixth grade in China)

Year 9-13 years old (equivalent to the second grade of junior high school in China)

Year12-16 years old (equivalent to the second year of high school in China)

These three admissions nodes correspond to the 11+ , 13+ and 16+ entrance exams. It is recommended to prepare at least one year in advance.

✅Students who want to study abroad must have:

🌟Current students (proof of enrollment required)

🌟Transcripts for each stage (each school has different standards)

🌟Language transcript (IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Many schools do not use language scores and accept internal tests)

✅Application materials:

🔘Application form for British secondary schools

🔘Certificate of enrollment + transcript

🔘Language transcript (if available)

🔘Award certificate (if any)

🔘Recommendation letter from school teacher✉️

🔘Self -introduction (including hobbies, expertise, plans and awards received, etc.)


One year before admission:

📖 5 months ago - Take various exams to prove your abilities and work hard to improve your scores. If you want to enter an elite high school, you must not only have high grades but also have personal strengths.

📖 May -September - Continue to brush up your scores and learn your strengths. You can visit the school during the open day to make school selections.

📖 September -October - the school will review application materials

📖 November —— Participate in the school’s entrance written examination➕interview

Year of admission:

📖 2 months ago - get the admission notice and pay the deposit

📖 March - May - CAS issuance

📖 May -August - Visa application

📖Enrollment in September

(Competition for excellent middle schools in the UK has always been fierce. It is recommended to prepare 1-3 years in advance)

GCSE schools recommended 👍 include:

✔️Abbly College Cambridge (Top30 best high schools )

✔️Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate (Top 50 in the country )

✔️Rossall School (No. 1 in the UK for golf⃣️ )

✔️Kent College Canterbury (not fierce competition but good results)

✔️ ……… There are more to see on Fried Fish Teacher’s homepage

British middle school 🈸️ , Didi understand the background ~

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