Studying experience in preparatory master's program at the University of Southampton, UK

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Today is another period of study experience😊Many people have reservations about whether to study preparatory courses Everyone may think Postgraduate preparatory studies are a waste of time So should I study preparatory courses? Let’s hear what Senior Y , who is currently studying at the University of Southampton’s Master’s Preparatory Program, has to say⬇️

Q : Introduce yourself

👦 : I am a pre-master's degree student at Southampton 22fall with IELTS 5.5 , majoring in business planning. I haven't graduated yet🎓just a prospective graduate student☺️

Q: Why do you want to study for a pre-master’s degree? Are you a junior college student?

👦 : No My undergraduate degree is from a certain 211 program computer reading Reasons for studying pre-master’s degree 1⃣️I changed my major I don’t want to read computers anymore Switched to business major No business background I can only study preparatory courses to transition. 2⃣️My undergraduate GPA is too low If you want to go to Nan'an Can only study preparatory courses

Q: Then why not go to another school? The grade point requirements are not that high

👦 : Ranking Nan'an's ranking is very good. And I want to go to a place where I can see the sea anytime, anywhere🌊 A place with lots of sunshine I am a typical person who will shine brightly if given some sunshine. Taking into account the above factors I chose the University of Southampton

Q: What do you mainly take in preparatory courses?

👦 : Our preparatory course has a total of 🈶️three semesters Easter holiday is only a week away😭 and the third semester is about to begin😭staggered holiday ... 1⃣️English EAP  That is the upgraded version of IELTS This is required every semester 2⃣️Basic courses in business bussiness environment Learn about business Then analyze a company yourself Write a paper and give a presentation  ✨The main purpose of research poject is to teach us how to write papers It will also cover some business knowledge Second semester study Thesis is due in the third semester  3⃣️Water class There is an introduction to universities  For example, what kind of help do you need? You can go to a certain department of the school to ask for something like that There is also a course that introduces the history of Nan'an. None of this requires exams or essays Just listening Another one is critical learning Reflection Think about how you can improve Finally write a paper Reflect on how to become better😅

Q: Will you need to take IELTS again when you enter higher education?

👦 : No need After passing the preparatory course, you can directly enter higher education smoothly. However, our admission to higher education is based on attendance. My attendance rate has always been very high at 90% I seem to have heard that if the attendance rate is too low, students will not be admitted to higher schools. Fear

Q: Do you think it is necessary to study for preparatory courses?

👦 : I think it depends on the individual. People like me who have zero business background It's still necessary Because after all, the other lines are like mountains 😅 and I have one more year to go to Europe. Feel the freedom of the West Coast I feel very good

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