🇬🇧Summary of undergraduate preparatory fees for various schools in the UK, super comprehensive❗️

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

Many students want to go to the UK to study preparatory courses, and the cost is a point that needs to be carefully considered . How much does it cost to complete the undergraduate preparatory courses in each school? Today Wang Wanwan takes everyone to take stock~

📖Into Group Undergraduate Preparatory Tuition Fee💰 :

➡️Into London Center: £16500-£24995

➡️Into Manchester City Center: £16595-£19995

➡️Manchester Metropolitan University: £17000-£26000

➡️University of Manchester: £26995-£28950

➡️Lancaster University: £19750-£22250

➡️Newcastle University: £20590-£24645

➡️Queen ’s University: £15250-£22245

➡️University of East Anglia: £15995-£17850

➡️University of Exeter: £16145-£20195

➡️University of Stirling: £15450-£19995

🔹Study Group undergraduate preparatory tuition fee💰 :

➡️Durham University: £16500-£20900

➡️University of Sheffield: £17500-£20200

➡️Leeds University: £19800-£20700

➡️Liverpool John Moores University: £14,500

➡️University of Hursfield: £13700

➡️University of Sussex: £18650-£19400

➡️University of Surrey: £17750-£18250

➡️University of Strathclyde: £11500

➡️University of Aberdeen: £16550-£19250

➡️Teesside University: £15000-£17000

➡️Cardiff University: £18500-£21900

🔹 Kaplan Group Undergraduate Preparatory Tuition Fees💰 :

➡️University of Glasgow: £19200-£29920

➡️University of Liverpool: £18650-£28840

➡️University of Essex: £17700-£28080

➡️Bournemouth University: £14000-£21880

➡️University of Nottingham: £19300-£28040

➡️York University: £19050-£23550

➡️Nottingham Trent University: £16470-£22920

➡️University of Brighton: £14000-£25660

➡️University of Birmingham: £20760-£23460

The above are the fees for each 🇬🇧undergraduate preparatory course. They vary according to different majors. The fees for some popular schools and majors will be higher. For example, the business major in Glasgow is very popular every year. You need to check which school specifically. and professional 👀 , here I know a rough 🉐️ range~ If you want to know more details, or want to 🈸️🇬🇧 preparatory, backstage ✉️ beep, submit the materials now, and if you are quick, you will get an offer the next day!

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