The best universities for business in the UK: a comprehensive review of undergraduate preparatory majors

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

The competition for business majors in the UK has always been very fierce, especially for undergraduate preparatory courses, which are basically filled up very early every year. Which business majors in which universities are the best in business? Today I will take you to take stock of everything👇🏻

🏫University of Manchester

Manchester Business School is the TOP school of the University of Manchester and one of the two earliest business schools established in the UK. The school's famous majors are accounting and finance, and its management studies are also very good💯

✅Business undergraduate majors that can be studied after completing the undergraduate preparatory course:

👉🏻Accounting and Finance BAEcon

👉🏻Accounting BSc

👉🏻Business Accounting

👉🏻Economics and Data Analytics BAEcon

👉🏻Economics and Finance BAEcon

🏫University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is located in Scotland. As one of the top ten universities, Glasgow's "Adam Smith" Business School is very famous and is ranked 76th by QS. It is very popular among domestic students. 💯

✅Undergraduate preparatory majors can be applied for:

👉🏻Economics MA (Hons) Economics

👉🏻Business Management and Economics MA (Hons) Business & Management and Economics

👉🏻MA (Hons) Business & Management

👉🏻Business Economics MA (Hons) Business Economics etc.

🏫University of Leeds

The business school also has triple certification, and has trained many business elites such as the chairman of HSBC Group, the chairman of Unilever, the chairman of Deloitte Accounting Firm, and the financial officer of Rolls-Royce.

✅Undergraduate preparatory majors can be applied for:

👉🏻Business Economics

👉🏻Business ManagementBusiness Management

👉🏻Business Management and the Human ResourceBusiness Management and the Human Resource

👉🏻Business Management with Marketing


🏫Durham University

Durham University is one of the top 100 universities in the world and the top ten universities in the UK. In the QS2024 World University Rankings, it ranks 78th in the world and 13th in the UK .

✅Undergraduate preparatory majors can be applied for:

👉🏻Accounting and Finance

👉🏻Accounting and Management

👉🏻Business and ManagementBusiness and Management

👉🏻Marketing and Management

👉🏻Business Economics

Currently, some schools still have 🈳️ places for business undergraduate preparatory courses in September. If you want to 🈸️🇬🇧 preparatory courses, the backend ✉️ beeps. Submit the materials now. If you hurry up, you can get an offer the next day~

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