🇬🇧Four private schools in the UK with good results

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Today I’m going to post some useful information about some private schools in the UK with relatively good results.

✨St Paul's Girls' school

St. Paul's Girls' School is an independent day school for girls aged 11 to 18. Brook Green in Hammersmith, West London, has won the award for "London Independent School of the Year 2022"

📖 2022 A-level A* achieved 74.7% A achieved 20.4%  A-level A*-B achieved 99.5%

GCSE A*/A/9/8/7 achieved 97.9%  GCSE rank 5

✨St Paul's School

St Paul's School is a selective private day school for boys aged 13-18 Limited boarding available only

💰Day study £7,324 - £9,162 (13-18) includes lunch

Accommodation £13,788 (13-18)

📖 A-level A* 2022  Reach 69%  A achieved 26.5% A-level A*-B achieved 98.8%

GCSE A*/A/9/8/7 achieved 98.9%  GCSE rank 1

✨King 's College School, Wimbledon

This is a day school for boys aged 7-18 Wimbledon, located in southwest London, won the "London Independent Secondary School of the Year 2017 "

💰 £7,310 - £8,085 (11-18)

📖 2022 A-level A* achieved 69.3% A achieved 26.3%  A-level A*-B achieved 99.3%

GCSE A*/A/9/8/7 achieved 97.7%  GCSE rank 6

The Godolphin and Latymer School

Day school for girls aged 11-18 Winner of "London Independent School of the Year 2018 " this school appears in both Alevel and IB tables

💰 £7,918 - £8,395 (11-18)

📖 2022 A-level A* achieved 60.3% A achieved 30.6%  A-level A*-B achieved 98%

GCSE A*/A/9/8/7 achieved 98.3%  GCSE rank 3

The above four are private schools with relatively good Alevel results. Everyone has other questions Below⬇️kick us

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