British Summer School Lightning Protection❗️Is it necessary to attend❓

In less than a few months, children will start their summer vacation🏖️I believe that all parents have made arrangements for their children’s summer vacation📅Many parents will choose to send their children to private schools in the UK for summer schools🏫 There are also some summer schools that advertise xx⚠️xx Oxford and Cambridge professors⚠️These promotions from various high schools📺Today we will take an in-depth look at the inside story of summer schools in British private schools❗️Let ’s see how deep the water is ❓And why there is this thing❓

Background ⚠️The holidays of British schools are actually similar to those of domestic students, usually from September this year to June of the following year✅ After June, 3 months will be left for summer vacation❗️There are always students here on weekdays School is only free for such a long period of time during the summer vacation✅

Conflict ⚠️Private schools in the UK are trying to get better. The campuses of private schools are generally very large. Many times they will rent out their campuses to outsiders during holidays, whether they are tourists, weddings, or events. As long as you have a 💰school , you can rent it✍️

Moisture⚠️After you can understand the two points I mentioned above, you should know that there is actually a lot of moisture here❗️1️⃣The summer school/summer camp you attended is indeed in this school, but it is possible to teach and manage Most of the teachers are hired from outside, not the school’s teaching team❌2️⃣Many media agencies say: “If you join my summer school, you will have the opportunity to get a recommendation letter from Professor xx/principal of xx private school. It will be useful when applying to Oxbridge in the future.” In fact, when applying for future universities, you need to use the UCAS system. The above ❗️ clearly ❗️ requires teachers from the school you are currently studying in ❗️ So where is the use ? 3️⃣ After handling so many applications, I personally feel whether there is such a summer school experience. , it will not have any impact on your application at all (even if you participate in a very good summer camp, but your grade is only CCC, so what ? )

Meaning⚠️Everything must be seen through the phenomenon to see the essence✅If you think the meaning of summer school is to allow children to travel, that’s absolutely fine, just join it❗️If you think the meaning of summer school is to allow children to go there with this A better private school/university, then I advise you to give up as soon as possible, grades are the last word❗️

Screening ⚠️Don’t believe any so-called promotional posters. Everything must be based on the school’s official website. If the school’s official website says that there is a summer school, then it is most likely to be formal. Otherwise, the poster Wearing a certain school’s logo and a few lines of words can be done by anyone who knows how to use beautiful pictures👀Be sure to keep your eyes open❗️

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