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Must-read when coming to the UK: Types of scams targeting international students (1)

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Many students have come to the UK recently. When new students arrive in the UK, they are not only packing their luggage and purchasing daily necessities. When studying abroad, you need to be very careful about the tricks of scammers😓 . Since freshmen have just arrived and are not familiar with many ways of handling things in the UK, it is easy to take bad care of their money🤦🏻‍♀️ . So, what are the common fraud methods currently? How should students prevent it?

❎Private exchange💷

Whether they need 💷 or RMB, there will always be some people in various communities who want to exchange for 💰 on the grounds of urgent need, and the amount is small (the case cannot be filed later). Some scammers will even post similar information in more strictly managed apartment groups to make you relax your vigilance. ⚠️Students must remember not to interact with people you don’t know , or you must confirm in person, not just online. In addition, it is not recommended for students to change 💰 in private. This is illegal.

❎Express message or 📞

Generally sent in the form of text messages or 📞 , for various reasons, such as the package being withheld and requiring tax to be redeemed, the package being returned requiring re-mailing fees, etc. There will be a link in the text message📎 , you need to fill in your personal information, note ‼ ️Very similar to the official website. The editor was almost fooled, but when I found out that one column of information was my mother’s Chinese name, I realized something was wrong🤷🏻‍♀️ . 📞Generally , what you receive is the Royal Mail voice played in Mandarin. The editor recommends that you must know your express delivery tracking number. If you receive a similar text message, it is recommended to check the express delivery status on the official express website instead of clicking on the link rashly🙅🏻‍♀️ .

❎Impersonating the embassy

There are many types of things you hear. They are either suspected of committing crimes or there are important documents that you need to collect. In short, their routine always requires you to provide important identification and detailed information📄 . Once you hear this, students can hang up.

❎Second -hand is easy to fake

In the British community, students may often see people selling second-hand products📦 . Of course, daily life products are very cost-effective. Everyone is a student and trust each other is relatively high👭 , so it is a very economical and labor-saving way of life here. one. However, some people take advantage of this and sell second-hand luxury goods on some platforms 👗👠👜. However, the editor has seen real people, that is, the buyer did receive the goods, but they were imitations. It is recommended that students keep their eyes open when collecting valuable second-hand items👀, and do not lose money for small gains .

The above are several scams that are very common in the UK. Especially new students who are unfamiliar with the place must pay more attention. Be vigilant, don’t trust others, and protect your personal and property safety.

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