The second round of common fraud types in the UK

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The last book mentioned four types of fraud methods Let's review it They are Private currency exchange Express SMS or ☎️ Impersonating embassy and second-hand counterfeiting There are several other fraud methods Let me tell you something⚠️

wb international version

On a certain blog social platform There will be people who steal avatars and almost identical blog names. Create an international account Send a post similar to " The network maintenance here is restricted. Domestic software cannot be accessed." Switch to the international version " and then Crazy Aite and private ✉️ friends Throwing out the idea of ​​flight circuit breaker Provide you with fake screenshots of flight information Let you buy air tickets on your behalf Don't believe it! 😅Receive friends like this kind of private✉️ Remember to contact your friends in time to confirm whether the news is true?

❌Computer website

Some bad websites will add plug-ins to your computer when you are about to pay Guide you in confusion Enter personal information and 🏦 bank information The editor myself has encountered it once When payment is about to be made I accidentally clicked on a plug-in Jumped to another payment page Complete all payment information in a daze Fortunately, HSBC is very helpful ( no advertisement here🌚 The system automatically recognizes that this is a scam website My transaction was blocked Hahahahaha

❌Other thefts

✨Especially those who live in Elephant Castle, please pay attention Girls should try not to travel alone at night There are a lot of speedsters in that place Will grab things directly from your hands ...

✨Chinatown The busiest places like Oxford Street Also pay attention to your bag As a resentful person who was stolen once Tearful reminder⏰ They really stole it without even realizing it. An accident The bag was opened ... 😭And they are all looking for Chinese people (dddd put valuables in their pockets Then put your hands in your pockets This is the safest!

✨🇮🇳In stores and Middle Eastern stores, try to use cash when swiping cards in such places. The probability of being stolen is extremely high There is no insurance in China💳 If the money is stolen, it will be gone ... You can’t get it back even if you chase it. So pay or cash are the best choices ~

❌New type of scam

✨Pretend to be a banger Ask parents for ransom Taking advantage of your parents abroad who don’t know anything And the time difference of 7 hours between domestic and international to commit a crime

✨Pretending that the school department wants to give tax refunds to students Ask you to provide bank information

⚠️There is also ghostwriting I have circled you 💰 not working or delaying the work Keep cheating💰 Blacklist and run away  ❗️The editor hereby solemnly declares Using a ghostwriter in the UK can cause a major credit stain Serious cases will be deported! So don’t hire a ghostwriter! Don’t hire a ghostwriter! Don’t hire a ghostwriter! Write everything yourself! Write everything yourself! Write everything yourself!

Have you encountered any scams yet? Share it below! protect wallet Everyone is responsible!

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