A complete list of English words for British skin care product packaging

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

How is life in the new semester in the UK going for the students? In this issue, the editor has compiled a large collection of English words commonly found on British skin care product packaging. Students, hurry up and save them for future use when shopping!

Classification by skin care product category

facial cleanser facial cleanser


facial mist/spray

Face cream moisturizing cream (cream texture)/gel (refreshing version)

day/night cream day/night cream


eye cream eye cream

facial mask/masque

body lotion

hand cream hand lotion

Classified by function

blackhead pore cleaner

oil controloil-control

balancing skin balancing


Repair after sun


acne acne/spot


The above are the English words that appear more frequently when choosing skin care products in the UK. Hurry up and save it. Students can ask the counter sister about their favorite products according to their own needs. Follow Wang Baiwan to avoid getting lost while studying abroad.

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