Among the top girls’ boarding schools in the new British edition, Wang Shiling’s school is ranked only...

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

Recently, The Times has just released the list of private boarding schools in the UK. I believe everyone has seen it👀 . If you haven’t seen it, you can check out the previous articles📖 . The list of private schools is one of the more authoritative lists in the UK👏🏻 . There are many good girls' schools in the rankings, even more than boys' schools and mixed schools. Today I will take a look at the top 100 British boarding schools for girls⬇️

TOP 1⃣️ Wycombe Abbey Wycombe Abbey

📈Ranking : 30

✏️Grade : GCSE A*/A 90.8%

TOP 2⃣️ St Mary's School Ascot St Mary's Ascot Girls' Secondary School

📈Ranking : 34

✏️Grade : GCSE A*/A 87%

TOP 3⃣️ Cheltenham Ladies' College Cheltenham Women's College

📈Ranking : 36

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 73.2% GCSE A*/A 87.8%

TOP 4⃣️ St Catherine's, Bram ley St Catherine's School

📈Ranking : 54

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 60.3% GCSE A*/A 81%

TOP 5⃣️ St Mary's Calne St Mary's Calne Girls' School

📈Ranking : 57

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 70.1% GCSE A*/A 70.9%

TOP 6⃣️ St Swithun's School St. Swithun's School

📈Ranking : 68

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 60.8% GCSE A*/A 80.4%

TOP 7⃣️ Downe House School Tangwu Middle School

📈Ranking : 80

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 63% GCSE A*/A 80.5%

TOP 8⃣️ Benenden School Benenden Girls’ School

📈Ranking : 82

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 58.3% GCSE A*/A 81.6%

TOP 9⃣️ Roedean School Luoting Girls’ School

📈Ranking : 90

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 55.5% GCSE A*/A 74.3%

It can be seen that among the top 100 private schools, there are only 9⃣️British girls' schools⭕️ . Although Wang Shiling's school, Bonneton Middle School, is very famous in China, it is ranked 8⃣️2⃣️ in the UK due to its star effect. Girls' schools focus on cultivating girls' aristocratic temperament, but their grades are not as strong as those of co-ed schools📉 . They have their own advantages✅ and disadvantages❌ . Students can choose according to their own circumstances. If you want to 🈸️🇬🇧middle school, you can do it in the background✉️ Wang Wanwan~

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