The new top boys’ boarding school rankings in the UK, where is Eton?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

Yesterday, I took everyone to take stock of the top ten girls' schools in the British private school list. I found that not even 10 schools were in the top 100, only 9. So today I will take you to look at the private schools published by The Times. What are the top ten boys’ schools in the top 100 on the list?

TOP 1⃣️Tonbridge School

📈Ranking : 6

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 79.7% GCSE A*/A 93.5%

TOP 2⃣️Eton College

📈Ranking : 34

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 80.1% GCSE A*/A 80.2%

TOP 3⃣️Dulwich College

📈Ranking : 45

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 66% GCSE A*/A 92.3%

TOP 4⃣️Whitgift School

📈Ranking : 45

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 58.8% GCSE A*/A 88.5%

TOP 5⃣️Abingdon SchoolAbingdon School

📈Ranking : 53

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 70.1% GCSE A*/A 81%

TOP 6⃣️Radley College

📈Ranking : 73

✏️Grade : Alevel A*/A 62% GCSE A*/A 76.1%

Through the analysis of the list, it is not difficult to find that the number of single-sex boarding schools entering the top 100 of the list has been greatly reduced. A total of 9 girls' boarding schools listed in the previous article entered the top 100, and 11 boys' schools entered the top 100. However, There are only 6 boys' boarding schools that international students can apply for. Among them, the well-known Eton College is ranked 34th, which is 1/3 of the list. Harrow School has not released its results this year and did not enter the list. It can be seen that co-ed schools are gradually becoming a trend. The next article will take stock of the top ten co-ed schools in the top 100 middle schools. Remember to mark them down. If you want to go to 🈸️🇬🇧 middle school, 🉑️Backstage✉️Didi Wang Million!

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