🇬🇧Ranking of the best private schools in the UK, which schools are on the list❓

During this time, TIMES, the authoritative British media, released the ranking of the best private schools in the UK in 2024. This list combines the GCSE, Alevel and IB scores of each school, and takes into account students’ university destinations, parents’ opinions and campus life. In all aspects, the reference value is very high. Local British people will also refer to it when choosing schools. ⬅️Swipe left to see the complete list.

Let ’s take a look at the top schools on the list📄

Overall No. 1⃣️ : St Paul's Girls' School

City: London

Results: The school is one of the few single-sex schools with very good results, with A*A at Alevel reaching 85.5% and GCSE A*A at 99%

Overall No. 2⃣️ : Guildford High School

City: Guildford, 1 hour southwest of London

Grades: 85.5% A*A at A level and 97.2% A*A at GCSE

Comprehensive 3⃣️ : St Paul's School

City: London

Grades: 84.8% A*A at A level and 96% A*A at GCSE

Overall 4th⃣️ : North London Collegiate School

City: London

Grades: 76.6% A*A at A level and 99.4% A*A at GCSE

Comprehensive 5⃣️ : City of London School for Girls

City: London

Grades: 85.6% A*A at A level and 94.9% A*A at GCSE

Comprehensive 6⃣️ : Tonbridge School (Tonbridge School)

City: Tonbridge, southern England

Grades: 79.7% A*A at A level and 93.5% A*A at GCSE

Comprehensive 7th⃣️ : King's College School, Wimbledon

City: London

Grades: 84.5% A*A at A level and 98.1% A*A at GCSE

Overall 8th⃣️ : Magdalen College School

City: Harvard

Grades: 84.1% A*A at A level and 94.6% A*A at GCSE

Overall 9th⃣️ : West minster School

City: London

Grades: 82.8% A*A at A level and 96.3% A*A at GCSE

Comprehensive No. 1⃣️0⃣️ : Edward VI Girls’ High School

City: Birmingham

Grades: 77.7% A*A at A level and 96.5% A*A at GCSE

You can use the list as a reference when choosing a school. If you want to apply for a British middle school, go to the backend✉DiDi

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