The latest UK undergraduate preparatory course last train in January 👀 Available or not⁉️

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

🪄As we all know, the earlier you apply for the British undergraduate preparatory program, the earlier the offer 💌 will be received. Therefore, those who are planning to apply for the British undergraduate preparatory program are advised to start planning and preparation as early as possible⚠️

📚The preparatory course lasts for one year or half a year, and starts in September or January every year. Today, the editor will share with you some British undergraduate preparatory colleges that are still accepting applications in January . I hope that those who need it can Got on the bus smoothly 🎉


🇬🇧The cost of preparatory courses varies from school to school. The basic cost includes tuition fees🎓accommodation fees🏠living expenses🍔

🇬🇧Complete the entire preparatory course, it will cost 240,000-270,000 RMB💴

🇬🇧Private university preparatory courses are better than public ones, so the cost is more expensive🆙

📝Application materials


🔸High school transcript

🔸Proof of enrollment

🔸IELTS score report

🎏Reference schools and application suggestions💡

📍University of Birmingham (Business, Arts, Law, Social Sciences)

The University of Birmingham's January Foundation Year program prepares students to study for an undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham ❣️

To apply for the January matriculation program at the University of Birmingham, you need to have excellent academic results and a high level of English📈

🟥Mary London (Business, Law and Social Sciences, Science and Engineering)

Law is the most popular major at Queen Mary University of London, and its teaching quality has always been among the best in the UK.

Many professors are consultants to the government and other industries💼

Geographically very close to the Royal Courts of Justice👩🏻‍⚖️

🟦King 's College London (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, etc.)

King's College London is one of the top universities in the UK and one of the schools in London that offers preparatory courses for January start 🎓

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree at King's College London❣️

Students applying for this preparatory course need to maintain high academic performance during junior high school and high school✍🏻 and participate in relevant extracurricular activities🏓

English proficiency is also an important factor in considering whether applicants meet the requirements🗣

🟩St Catherine's College, University of Cambridge (Business, Engineering, Humanities, etc.)

The January Foundation Course at St Catherine's College, University of Cambridge aims to improve students' academic English proficiency and subject understanding as its main goal📖

Applying for January Foundation Year at St Catherine's College, University of Cambridge requires high academic ability and English proficiency📚

Students should demonstrate their academic interests and unique academic experiences when applying🔖 to increase their chances of admission📈

🟪University of Manchester (finance, accounting, business, economics, mathematics, physics, management, etc.)

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to continue studying for an undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester ❣️

Applying for the January Foundation Year at the University of Manchester requires good academic results and a high level of English📌

📆Start time: three semesters from January to August

📚Course content: Professional courses ➕Language courses ➕Academic writing courses

If you want to apply for British preparatory courses, please go to the backend✉Didi . Submit your materials now and you will get an offer in just two weeks.

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