What are the best private girls’ schools in the UK?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

The difference between British middle schools and domestic schools is that British middle schools are divided into boys' schools, girls' schools and mixed schools. Although there are single-sex schools in the country, the number is relatively small. And Wang Shiling, the child star in Where Are We Going, Dad, came to the UK to study at a girls' school. So what are the benefits of coming to the UK to attend a girls’ school? In British girls' schools, there will be more sports events suitable for girls, and they will not participate in very competitive events like boys' schools. Secondly, the school will also provide a large number of additional courses to cultivate girls' ladylike temperament, such as art🎨 , clothing Design, musical instruments, etc. In addition, it will also greatly avoid the situation of puppy love.

Some students expressed that they want to come to the UK to study in a girls school🤔️, so which British girls’ school is the best? Today Wang Wanwan will take you to take stock⬇️

🏫Wycombe abbey

Sunak’s daughter 👧🏻 studied here, and it is even known as the No. 1 girls’ secondary school in the UK. The Oxbridge ratio is as high as 23% , the academic performance is strong, and the school is also a typical British manor school.

🏫St Paul's Girl's School

Ranked 1⃣️ in the private school rankings released by The Times this year, even beating a number of boys' schools 👦🏻 . The school's literature 📖 and music 🎵 are very strong, and the girls in this school shine.

🏫Benenden School

The school attended by Li Xiang's daughter Wang Shiling has been very popular in recent years🔥 . Drama and music are the school's strengths. It is also strong in other aspects. For example, Wang Shiling's painting has made great progress in the school.

🏫Badminton School

The city where it is located is the best place to live and travel in the UK. The first female prime minister of India was born here, the first female teacher of the Royal Academy of Arts in the UK, etc. Girls from all over the world are welcome.

🏫Cheltenham Ladies College

The school is known as Eton College for Girls, with excellent Alevel and IB results. More students enter Oxbridge after graduation. The school has complete activities and facilities, as well as equestrian courses🐎

🏫Roedean School

In the famous British scenic spot White Cliff⛰️ , you can see the British coastline from the school🌊. The dormitory is a sea view room with complete facilities. It has produced many famous actors and journalists.

In addition to these very top girls' schools, there are also some other British girls' schools that Wang Wanwan has inspected for you and are very suitable for you to study in👏🏻

🏫Cobham Hall School

The school only recruits girls under the age of 16. It inherits the tradition of the British aristocratic girls' school. It is only 30 minutes' drive from London. The school has strong sports and music projects and often participates in some national - level competitions.

🏫Malvern St James Girl's School

The school will provide Oxbridge admissions interview guidance to the girls. The results are outstanding among single-sex schools. The school will also organize some joint activities with Eton, Harrow, etc.

🏫Harrogate Ladies College

In central England, the school is characterized by music🎹 and art design, various extracurricular activities, basically every girl can play 1-2 musical instruments, and the school also teaches girls how to get along well👯

The above is a collection of good girls’ schools in the UK. If you want to know which one you can go to 🈸️ , or you want to go to a 🈸️🇬🇧 middle school, backstage ✉️ DiDi

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