🇬🇧What are the good private girls’ schools in the UK❓

British schools are divided into boys’ schools, girls’ schools and mixed schools🤔️ . Today I will take stock of the better girls’ schools in the UK.

🏫St Paul's Girl's School

Ranked 1⃣️ in the private school rankings released by The Times this year, the results of many boys' schools 👦🏻 and co-ed schools were defeated by this school. In addition to very good results, it is also very strong in literature 📖 and music 🎵 .

🏫Wycombe abbey

The daughter of British Prime Minister Sunak 👧🏻 is here. Her Oxbridge ratio is over 1/5, her academic ability is strong, and her school is a traditional British manor school.

🏫Badminton School

The city where it is located is the best place to live in the UK. The surrounding environment is comfortable and comfortable. There are many famous people in the school. The first female Prime Minister of India was born here and the first female teacher of Royal Arts was born here.

🏫Benenden School

The school attended by Li Xiang's daughter Wang Shiling has average academic performance but is strong in art. Drama and music are the school's strengths. It focuses on cultivating girls' aristocratic temperament.

🏫Cheltenham Ladies College

Locals call the school "Girls' Eton". It has very strong results, with 1/10 students entering Oxbridge after graduation, a 90% acceptance rate for Russell Group universities, and equestrian courses 🐎

In addition to these very top girls' schools, there are also some other British girls' schools that Wang Wanwan has inspected for you and are very suitable for you to study in👏🏻

🏫Roedean School

In the beautiful seaside city of Brighton, next to the famous scenic spot White Cliff⛰️ , you can see the beautiful coastline from the school🌊. The dormitory is a sea view room with complete facilities and excellent performance in physics and mathematics.

🏫Cobham Hall School

The school inherits the tradition of the British aristocratic girls' school. It is only 30 minutes' drive from London. The school's sports🏃🏻 projects and music are very strong, and it is more suitable for girls than mixed school activities.

🏫Malvern St James Girl's School

The school provides students with Oxbridge admissions interview guidance, and its results are outstanding among single-sex schools. It also often holds joint activities with Eton, Harrow, etc., so there will be no problem of communication barriers with the opposite sex.

🏫Harrogate Ladies College

In the city of Harrogate in central England, the school is characterized by music🎹 and art design, various extracurricular activities, basically every girl can play 1-2 musical instruments, and cultivate the temperament of girls.

The above is a collection of good girls' schools in the UK. Currently, some private schools still have 🈳️ places in September⃣️ . I want to 🈸️🇬🇧 middle school. Backstage✉️tidi

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