🇬🇧What are the good private art schools in the UK❓

During this period, many students who plan to take the art route came to know 🥸 which are the better art schools in the UK ✔️ That’s the right person to ask 👏🏻 As a local institution in the UK, of course Wang Wanwan knows British schools well. Let’s take stock together!

There are mainly 3⃣️middle schools that focus on art courses

🔹Ambaid High School Mander Port man Woodward (MPW)

Students who study art should be familiar with this school. It has campuses in London ☑️ , Birmingham ☑️ and Cambridge ☑️ . The London campus is a relatively popular one. It is located in a wealthy area of ​​London, with a beautiful environment and a strong artistic atmosphere. The school also has richer resources and more entertainment projects.

⚠️Features : The school’s preparatory course is equivalent to UAL ’s preparatory course. Without special circumstances, everyone can basically be promoted to ⬆️ UAL . There are also teachers from UAL🧑‍🏫 to guide students from the school on how to enter higher education. They are promoted to Lunyi and Huangyi every year Countless students

📒Courses : The school offers a large number of art courses, such as painting, sculpture, photography, art, design and more

💰Tuition fees (excluding accommodation fees): 27,000 pounds / year

🔹Abbey London Secondary School (DLD London)

The school is located on the banks of the Thames in the center of London. You can see the London Eye from the dormitory. There is no more luxurious dormitory than this 😍The school is a modern building that provides high school preparatory and Alevel courses. Every year, a considerable number of students enter the University of the Arts, Lunyi, Huangyi, Central Saint Martins, etc. ☑️

⚠️Features : modern teaching facilities and teaching buildings, small class teaching, the new principal attaches great importance to academic performance, the dormitory environment is good and there are single dormitories.

📒Courses : Offers a large number of art courses, such as Art and Design, Drama and Theater Studies, Film Studies, Media Studies and Photography majors

💰Tuition fee + accommodation fee: 48,800 pounds/year

🔹International School of Creative Arts (ISCA)

The school is located in the northwest of London, close to the city center. The school has been jointly established with the University of the Arts London since its establishment🧑‍🤝‍🧑. Every year, more than 95% of students progress to ⬆️Lunyi or UAL 's colleges. Chinese celebrities Mr. Jimmy Choo👨🏻 is the honorary principal and professor of the school.

⚠️Features : The school only provides art-related courses. It is a pure art school with Alevel and high school preparatory courses to choose from.

📒Courses : 3D design, art history, clothing materials, etc.

💰Tuition fee + accommodation fee: 49,000 pounds/year

The above are some of the good art schools in the UK. Friends who want to study at an art school in the UK should not miss it. There are still vacancies in September , I want to 🈸️🇬🇧Art Middle School, backstage✉DiDi

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