Guide to Popular Undergraduate Majors in the UK🧭

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

everybody knows Wang Wanwan’s application strategy has always been to focus on majors as an undergraduate. Postgraduate students mainly focus on schools Because undergraduate is a process of finding your own interests Interest-oriented reading will make you more motivated, right? ☺️This is based on data from the 20-21 academic year released by HESA , the British Higher Education Statistics Agency Let me summarize for you some of the most popular undergraduate majors to apply for: And their admission conditions 🔥

1⃣️Business management bm

This is the major with the largest enrollment in 2021 This is a wide-ranging major For employment directions, you can inquire at advertising bank zi

Human resources and marketing The average starting salary is about 22,000 💷

Popular schools :

University of Bath 👉 Top ten famous universities in the UK Its management school enjoys a high reputation in the industry

Typical offer: IB36 points A level AAA or A*AB AAA or A*AB in three A levels

2⃣️Medical related majors

at 🇬🇧 Students can choose from different types of medical degrees Includes two-year preclinical training degree junior college or teaching 🏥 three-year degree and 6- year degree

Popular schools :

The University of Manchester 👉 has 🇬🇧 the largest medical school In the QS Medical Subject Rankings 2022 Ranked 38

IB:38 HL:766 A level:AAA

Glasgow 👉 ranked 54th in the QS Medical Subject Rankings 2022

IB:38 HL:666 A level:AAA Entrance Exam :UCAT

3⃣️Engineering Technology EEE

The electronics major of British universities has a very good reputation internationally. Leading the world in microelectronics design, signal processing, microwave communications, optical communications and other fields

Popular schools :

The University of Southampton 👉 is the only university in the 🇬🇧 university professional rating that has received a five-star research rating for each of its science and engineering departments. Recognized as one of the world's polytechnic universities Communications and microelectronics are its strengths

IB: 38 HL:676 A-level:A*AA or AAAA including mathematics (minimum grade A) and either physics, electronics or further mathematics (minimum grade A) or A*A*B including mathematics (minimum grade A*) and either physics, electronics or further mathematics (minimum grade A*)

Are there any other majors that you are interested in? You can tell us below! Let’s analyze it together!

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