How much does it cost to study for a year in a British undergraduate preparatory course?

Everyone knows that Wang Baiwan is a British secondary school and preparatory school

How much does it cost to study undergraduate foundation courses in the UK for one year ? Today we will conduct a detailed analysis of tuition fees , accommodation fees , living expenses , etc. Remember to keep it in mind❗️

Tuition fees✅

The tuition fees for undergraduate preparatory courses vary according to the school and major, and the approximate range is between £15,000 and £25,000.

Preparatory tuition fees for several popular and high-quality universities:

🏫University of Manchester: £26,995-£28,950

🏫University of Leeds: £19,800-£20,700

🏫Durham University: £16,500-£20,900

🏫University of Glasgow: £19,200-£29,920

🏫University of Birmingham: £20,760-£23,460

🏫University of Nottingham: £19,300-£28,040

🏫Lancaster University: £19,750-£22,250

🏫Newcastle University: £20,590-£24,645

Accommodation fee✅

It depends on the city you are in and how far it is from the city center. If you are in London, the price of goods is relatively high, so the accommodation fee is relatively high, about more than £1,200 per month. If you are in other non-London areas, such as Leeds✔️ , Manchester✔️ , Birmingham✔️ , Nottingham✔️ , etc., it is about more than £700 per month. Of course, if it is in the city center of these cities, the minimum cost is £1,000. Therefore, if you want to save money, you can choose a place farther away from the city center, the cost will be cheaper

Living expenses✅

Living expenses mainly include food, transportation, shopping, travel, etc. This also varies from person to person. Students who are keen on cooking will save a lot of money! Living near the school and walking to school will also save a lot of money! If you often go out to eat or take out, or need to take public transportation to school, or like to go shopping and go out to play, then this cost will be difficult to control.

💰Takeaway or restaurant: average £30 per meal

💰Bus : one way £2

💰Travel : transportation + food + accommodation. Each trip ranges from £100 to £500

Therefore, it is recommended that students prepare £800 per month for living expenses to be safer!

In addition, there are round-trip airfares to the UK, etc. For a student with average spending power, the cost of studying for a year of undergraduate foundation is about 40-50wrmb. Of course, it is still worthwhile to study for a year of foundation in the UK and then be able to successfully enter the dream school . ❗️If you want to study 🈸️🇬🇧 foundation, the background ✉️ beep, submit the materials now, and you will get the offer the next day if it is fast~

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