How to choose a mixed boys’ and girls’ school in the UK❓Must-see when choosing a school❗️

When choosing a high school in the UK, you may face an important question: Should you choose a boys’ school, a girls’ school or a mixed school? This is a serious topic❗️ Let me talk to you, through the editor’s three reflections The body will help you clarify your own thoughts and solve this problem easily. First, you have to think about what you really want. Is it to experience life or to enter a prestigious school? This is an important consideration. As a teacher, I have come into contact with many parents, and they have different views on this issue. Some people want their children to come to the UK to experience a different life. At this time, they can choose a boys' or girls' school according to the child's gender. And if your goal is to hit a prestigious school, then a mixed school may be a better choice. Of course, if you look at some messy school rankings that have no reference value, you will find that the results of co-ed schools are better than those of boys' or girls' schools. 😉 Secondly, as someone who has some experience in application, the editor receives many children who failed in boys' or girls' schools to apply for preparatory courses every year. For example, Ruthin (girls' school), which is loved by Chinese people, and King Edward's (boys' school). Their predicted score was AAA, but the actual scores were BDD. Be practical, everyone, and don’t think that the results from boys’ or girls’ schools will be better! 😮 If you just want your children to experience the British environment, then a boys' or girls' school may be more suitable. Because they pay attention to discipline, they will cultivate corresponding traits in their children. This is part of the British tradition, they believe that men should look like men👨 and women should look like women👩. This is not disrespectful, it is just my conclusion after visiting many schools. If your goal is to hit a prestigious school, there is nothing wrong with choosing a co-ed school. Of course, this does not mean that boys’ or girls’ schools cannot compete with prestigious schools, but if a child grows up in a mixed school environment, there is no need to forcefully send them to an independent school. And the advantage of co-ed schools is that I personally think they can achieve a "balance of yin and yang", and many co-ed schools have teachers who provide tutoring and academic support to international students. They don't exactly treat you as a purely British student. As Chinese, we come to the UK to show our unique style, and our goal is high-quality schools. In short, choosing the type of British high school should be based on your own needs and goals. Boys' schools, girls' schools and mixed schools all have their own characteristics and characteristics. Before making a decision, think about whether you want to experience life or hit a high-quality school🤔. Co-ed schools may have an advantage in overall performance, while boys' and girls' schools focus more on discipline and developing traits. The important thing is to choose a school that is right for you and can help you achieve your goals. If you want to know about British secondary schools🈸️please welcome dd
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