Ten things you must do when studying in the UK

🇬🇧Studying and living in the UK|Ten things you must do in the UK

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

I guess the start of school is getting closer. There are also many friends who have come to our beautiful Great Britain Full of curiosity about it all While having fun Never give up on these ten things~

1⃣️Apartment checklist 👉Check carefully whether all the furniture in the house is consistent with the contract Check whether furniture and facilities are in good condition Is there any damage? If so, please inform the apartment in time Avoid disputes at check-out

2⃣️Get ​​brp 👉 Language classes are temporarily unable to receive brp. When the semester officially starts, remember to make an appointment in time to collect brp ! After receiving it, you can travel smoothly in 🇬🇧 ! It's best not to lose this Reissues are expensive and troublesome!

3⃣️Mobile phone card👉 cmlink or cte phone card Remember to activate it after landing in the UK! You can also get a phone card giffgafff 💰cheap vodefone signal at 🇬🇧 8 Wrong!

4⃣️Bank card processing 👉In the previous 📒 we have written about the comparison of different bank cards Friends, you can choose on your own ~ go to the school’s official website to get a bank letter and then run to the bank quickly🏃‍♀️ !

5⃣️Register at the police station👉Remember to make an appointment as early as possible! Best to do it before heading out for Christmas! Bring 💷 35cash ~ No credit cards accepted!

6⃣️GP registration👉When applying for visa , we also paid 💰 6000 for medical insurance So seeing a doctor in 🇬🇧 is 🆓 Find a GP nearest your apartment to register In the future, you only need to make an appointment with a GP⌚️no need to pay💰

7⃣️ Railcard 👉Save💰 Tips : Students aged 16-25 can save one-third when buying train tickets💰 At the same time, you can also get discounts by binding your oyster card to Railcard in London🚇 🉑️Apply on the official website or go to the train station window Bring a one-inch photo 💷 30cash and passport

8⃣️HPV vaccination👉You have to wait in line for HPV vaccination in China for a long time , but🇬🇧it is much more convenient. Both boots and superdrug can make an appointment and vaccinate in total💷 450

9⃣️Buy bedding and daily necessities👉Bedding Argos primark ikea ➕Daily necessities waitross lidl asda morrisons poundland 

🔟Looking for fun places in the UK👉Go to Edinburgh Calton Hill to watch the sunset Go to the British Museum in London to watch the rise and fall of the empire on which the sun never sets Look for the Beatles on the streets of Liverpool You will discover the charm of this ancient country ~ you will definitely fall in love with it!

What else is interesting and interesting to do in 🇬🇧 ? Are there any complications? You can contact us in the background ✉️We will answer your questions in time!

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