🇬🇧Studying life in the UK|Sharing of daily essential apps

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

In this issue, the editor has collected for you 🇬🇧apps that international students often use in their daily lives. Students, hurry up and collect them💁🏻


deliveroo: There are many kinds, more foreign restaurants, and the delivery speed is faster🙆🏼‍♀️

Uber eats: less variety, more fast food, fastest food delivery👍🏼

hungry panda: The most Chinese restaurants, milk tea, barbecue, stir-fry, save your Chinese stomach. But the delivery speed is very slow😢


Trainline: In the UK, if you want to go to other cities, train🚞 is the most important means of transportation. This app is specially used to buy train tickets.

Railcard: There is a discount for 16-25 years old when buying train tickets. Before buying a ticket, log in to this app and buy a railcard 💳 . You can get certain discounts every time you buy a ticket. If you are asked to show your railcard when checking the ticket, open this app and your student identity information will be displayed after registration🪪.

Uber: The most commonly used taxi-hailing software, very convenient💯 .

Bank type

Starling/Monzo : Online banking, use the app to complete all required operations✅ .

HSBC UK: HSBC’s online app where you can view bill and card information.

Express delivery

DPD/Royal Mail: The two most common courier companies in the UK 📦 . Generally, when shopping on the British website, there will be an order number and courier number. You can directly check the courier process through the software.


UNiDAYS: Students must register for this membership ‼ ️ In addition to luxury goods, other department store brands in the UK can use student discounts. When paying, ask if it can be used, and then show this app . After binding your student number, your student certificate can be displayed directly, which is very convenient✅ .

Vue: One of the cinemas in the UK, you can buy movie tickets online, and the electronic version🎫 will be sent directly to your bound email address📮 .

Ticketmarket: A ticket booking app for shows, concerts, concerts and other events in the UK. You can select the location area, and after booking, the electronic ticket can be sent directly to your email 📮 .

Travel category

Car Rental : A Chinese app that collects most car rental companies and allows you to compare prices and models. Very easy to use.

Sixt: A relatively large car rental company in the UK. Students who want to drive themselves can book a car on this app in advance. This brand has more choices and the cars are relatively new. Be sure to buy insurance. Safety comes first when traveling!

Airbnb: Everyone must be familiar with this app . You can book homestays when traveling.

Booking: An app for booking hotels when traveling in the UK

The above is a collection of apps that are very frequently used in 🇬🇧study abroad life. Students, please like and save it🌟

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